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any suggestions?


27 Apr 2010
i love the look of a nice big jungle of valis in the background of a tank , but as i use liquid carbon , that rules it out as a choice for my tank . is there anything easy that will give the same look that doesnt turn to mush with liquid carbon ?
Giant vallis appears OK with Easycarbo in my tank, no visible damage even when dose is administered through surface leaves.
interesting . that just happens to be my fave valis too . might try a pot to see how it does and add more if all is well
I suppose you can adapt them gradually. Adding maybe 1/3 of the dose for one week, and gradually up it up to the normal dose maybe in three weeks or a month.
well for the sake of 3 or 4 quid its gota be worth trying a pot to see how it copes i guess
I have dosed Exell (equal to Easy Carbo) with Vallisneria without problems - double dose, on the other hand, spell total melt.
As an oddity, I can reveal, that melted Vallis have re-grown on several ocations ( growing point had survived). Giant and Natans both did this.
- I would defenitely recommend the acclimatization, by slowly increasing dose, though !!
And it's worth remembering, that "Giant Vallis" cover quite a lot of varieties in trade - they might differ in toletance !!
If the vals don't seem to like the excel,glut,metricide,etc, maybe give ludwigia repens a try.
This plant grows fairly fast in my non CO2 300 litre ,but does require a bit more light if you want to see much in the way of red /purple from it.
Mine grew absolutely fine with flourish excel it was a complete surprise when I found out it doesn't like it and can melt. Only problems I had with excel was with a miss ball

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popped into 1 of mymlfs today asni happened to be passing . the valis all looked a bit ropey . stilk didnt stop me from leaving with 3 pots of ludwigia repens rubin and a pot of limnophila sesiliflora though 😀
i never had much luck with my repense only getting growth now i've added actual co2 but i'm still battling algae off of the leaves. anything you found works for you if you've kept repense before ??