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anubias . how do you fix yours ?


27 Apr 2010
just curious , do you folks tie or wedge yours ? i ask because i found that where i wanted my anubias nana , there was a convenient nook to wedge the rhizome in . im assuming that it will take root in the wood just fine like this still ?
I tie my anubias but you can wedge it in and it will take root as long as it stays put and not float out. Maybe you can tie it to that spot and once it takes root just cut the string to avoid it from floating out of the nook.

its sitting nice and sucerely . gotta say , i steered clear of anubias when i set the tank up , but its rapidly becoming my fave plant in the tank .
+1 for super glue, if where i want to put it is wet/ cant get it out easy i tie it with fishing line
Wedge it in the nook - it will hold firm. I tie them on on with black cotton if no nook available.Sam with Java Fern. I'm liking the sound of the hot glue gun though! Nice idea.