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Anubias help


12 Jan 2010
just wondering if anyone can help me, i have a low tech tank with 12 sparkling gouramis, 2 bristlenose plecs and a whiptail. today i noticed 2 holes on my anubias and am just trying to figure out if its a deficiency or if maybe the plecs have taken a fancy to them.

Hi all,
The leaf damage looks like physical damage of some kind. It may be where the Ancistrus have rasped, but it doesn't look quite right for that. If you feed them vegetables they should leave the green plants alone.

The newer leaves on the plants look very pale, which could be a sign of too much light, or of low nutrients (usually N or K).

cheers Darrel
thanks for your help guys, ive been feeding very lightly on the tank so i think your right about the rasping. i shall start feeding them more,