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Andy from Colorado USA!

Le duke

2 Jul 2023
Colorado, USA
Been lurking for a while, and thought I’d finally introduce myself.

I’m Andy, and I live in Colorado, USA.

My current tank set up is a WaterBox 6025, set up in a roughly SA biotope. A few exceptions to that, with a few Java fern and some moss I scraped off a stone in a creek at 3,000m+ elevation.

Tank is set up with an FX6 + FX4 for filtration. In/out pipes are custom made 25mm jet pipes I made myself from 304 SS. Heater and Cerges reactor are DIY as well. Running a 36w UV filter 8hrs a day. The FX6 is connected to the heater, and the FX4 runs the Cerges + UV. I wanted one of them to have nearly stock flow, so I figured it would be best to have the FX6 closest to its normal output.

Lights are 2x AI Prime FW on AliExpress holders. Daily pH drop is about 0.7, from 6.8 down to 6.1, with 1.5 dKH.


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