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All in one fert... Neutro Plus

Discussion in 'Aquarium Fert Dosing' started by andusbeckus, 17 Feb 2017.

  1. andusbeckus

    andusbeckus Member

    I have been going low tech since November after setting up my tank again but now I'm going high tech with pressurized co2 (because I'm impatient). So far I have been using Aqua Essentials Neutro T with Neutro Co2 liquid carbon with some nice results just slow growing.

    Neutro+ Fertilizer

    I am looking at Neutro Plus as an all in one fertilizer but I always thought that Macro and Micro ferts should be dosed separately? Does this fert really have everything I need?

    P.S. I know I could buy dry ferts and dose EI but I'm too lazy and likely to measure something wrong so want something ready to go and pour in for convenience.

    PARAGUAY Member

    I used the + with pressurised co2 and was well pleased,plant growth was very good ,Some sponsers supply EI mixed for you,but its really easy to make and saves you £s
  3. Progen

    Progen Member

    To be fair to them, even the 'branded' EI packages are cheap when you consider that many of them will last you close to a year. Sure beats ANY big brand fertiliser.
  4. doylecolmdoyle

    doylecolmdoyle Member

    I use a all in one Macro + Micro dry fert (mix with your own distilled water) from a uk supplier (I am in Australia but ordered and it arrived no worries) it works well, I too am lazy when it comes to trying to measure out dry ferts etc... have not had any problems and my plants seem to be doing well.

    I noticed that Neutro dont really say how much each dose raises NPK in the tank, you would really want that information so you know to what levels you are dosing.

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