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African Shrimp Advice


New Member
28 Feb 2021
Hi, would appreciate some advice please re my African shrimp which I've had for 6mths. Did a 30% water last week in my 20 gallon tank making sure temps were the same and added the water in slowly over a couple of hours but since then he has not been himself. He was hiding more and not sitting in his usual place with his jazz hands out catching food. Now he has come out into daylight rather than in his usual shady part of the tank and is not really moving. I thought he was dead so gently touched him with my Aquascape tweezers and his back legs started scrabbling so he is alive.

It's hard to tell if he has the dreaded white ring of death being white himself but take a look at the photos and see what you think? If he has got the ring of death is there much you can do? Like help them with tweezers or something? Is it normal for these bigger shrimp to take time to moult (if that's what is going on) ? He has been 'quiet' like this for a week now.

In case he was having trouble moulting I raised the temp from 24C to 26C as I heard this might help :/ also noticed tiny brown flecks on his body when taking the photos just now to post up - is this anything to be concerned with?


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