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Advice for transitioning between tanks


25 Dec 2020
Hi all, relative newbie to the aquascape world and the forum.p

I recently purchased a second hand set up from one of the users here, I intend to upgrade the tank but im hoping to use the majority of the equipment included on my new tank. The substrate got very stirred up during the move so currently doing 50% water changes daily which i will scale back after a week.

The current set up is:
Tank - 60x30x36
Filter - JBL crystalprofi e902 (900lph)
Lights - 60cm chihiros RGB

I plan to upgrade the tank to 80x40x45 tank from allpondsolutions -

Buy Tropical Fish Tank Aquariums - Allpondsolutions

Ive read good reports on these tanks from other users here, and from what ive seen you cant seem to get a similar sized tank anywhere for less (if you know of any please let me know).

I wont be upgrading to the new tank for 6-8 weeks, and would really appreciate your guys advice how can I best use my this time to get prepared for the upgrade?

  • currently the only plant in the tank is monte carlo, most of which came uprooted during the move so i have trimmed off the healthy bits and replanted. Should i add some stem plants to help combat algae?
  • thinking it would be good to use this time to propagate some new plants, is this wise? any suggestions?
  • considering growing some plants on rock pieces for use in the new tank, which are some good plants for this?
  • currently not running co2 as im trying to source some out of date fire extinguishers, when i get these is it still worth running co2 when there is so little plant mass in the aquarium?

  • Anyone see any issues with using the current equipment on the larger tank?
  • Obviously the light isnt ideal, however the supports will adjust to fit the 80cm tank. looking at lighting options for 80cm tanks there dont seem to be a great deal of choices, mainly Chihiros A series, would be good to know of any others?
  • I got a second, smaller filter (eheim 2213) included that has been out of use for a year, is it a good idea to get this running on the tank so that it gets cycled, so come switch over day i can move the main filter over to the new tank, leaving the livestock in the old tank with the smaller filter for a week or 2 while new tank cycles?

Finally just any general tips or good ideas for things i can be doing with the current tank before i get my new one?

Sorry for wall of text 🙂 just thought I’d try cover all my queries in one thread

Pic of the tank below


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