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Ad's Low tech-ish 54l-Updated!


22 Feb 2009
Kidderminster, Worcs
Hi guys, I cant seem to stay away from plants, so I have decided to turn my 54litre rekord 60 from a shelldweller tank to a reasonably low-tech planted :D

>60cm jewel rekord 54litre

>15w of t6 lighting

>Tropica substrate+scattered trace element powder, with Oli Knotts Nature soil, all capped with black gravel

>EasyCarbo dosed daily(in the past i have found this really helps, so i want to use it again)

>TPN+ dosed daily(will be changing this to longer period of time, or stop completely)

>Filtration is by standard jewel internal filter, no extra powerhead, as I dont see the need for one at this stage.


rotala rotundifolia
crypt undalata
crypt wendtii "green"
crypt wendtii "brown"
anubias nana
java fern "narrow"

Fish wise, I have currently got a bn plec(about 2") in the tank, and my sparkling gourami, I hope to be getting a nice shoal of neon tetras, and then taking it from there really...





ps. Images are sub-edits, i am currently getting used to my new camera, so, taking things a step at a time.
Re: Ad's Low tech-ish 54l

cheers, should be nice when it all fills in, i mean, its gonna take ages due to the low lighting, but, a nice carpet of p.helferi and i'll be happy.

Im getting some crypt melt-something i havnt experienced before, so, i'll have to get my scissors out sooner than expected!
Re: Ad's Low tech-ish 54l

are the rocks staying or are they there for weighing down the wood?

looks good, love the planting.
Re: Ad's Low tech-ish 54l

the rocks are staying i think, i know the one may look a little big, but, when the plants grow, algae covers it should look fine *i hope*

thanks Nick!
Re: Ad's Low tech-ish 54l

Is that the Pogostemon helferi I sent you? I will keep an eye on this one, it feels like I have some sort of attachment to it!

Carpet should look wick!

Re: Ad's Low tech-ish 54l

yea mate, some of it is, i brought 2 pots aswell, right ammount i think, i agree, it should look great!
Re: Ad's Low tech-ish 54l

Interesting to see how your Pogostemon helferi grows with your setup as my tank is pretty similar and mine seems to be ok after a few days in there.

Re: Ad's Low tech-ish 54l

Ad, is your foreground a mix of rotala rotundifolia, e.tenellus & p.helferi?
It will be great to see that blend once they have grown in 8)
Re: Ad's Low tech-ish 54l

foreground is simply p.helferi, the rotala and e.tennellus are at the back, only short at the moment, thats why you cant really see them..