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Active Carbon???


14 Oct 2009
Hi everyone,

This is my first proper post on the forum. First I like to say thanks for the amazing advice you can find on here. Secondly, I'm about to set up my first real attempt at a planted aquarium. I'm using a Juwel Rio 180 and have spent the last few weeks researching What, How, Where and Why. However, one thing is bothering me. Do I include the Active Carbon sponge in my filter? JBL website says no, the guy in my local fish shop says yes?

Please help.


P.s sorry if this subject has already been covered, I forgot to search before typing this post :oops:
like al of the above, it well eventually be unable to take in any more nutrients.
Thank you all for your opinions. It's always nice to hear from someone who ISN'T trying to sell you something.

Thanks again

I use Purigen instead. I know many others on here have also used it and I'm sure you'll get better explanations as to why from them. From what my addled brain remembers it has better water polishing properties, removes NO nutrients and if you do have to dose any medications for your critters, there is no need to remove it (unlike active carbon or is this only applicable to activated carbon? Not sure if there's a difference?).

Obviously you won't take this as gospel, but it's worth researching Purigen anyway. Maybe someone can back me up or shoot me down, either way food for thought!
+1 for Purigen. It keeps the water crystal clear and only takes up organic wastes, not ferts. You can also see when it is exhausted because is changes from white to brown. It can also be recharged and used again 6-8 time by soaking it in bleach.