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Absolute shrimp novice seeking advice.


23 May 2013
If possible, I would like to add some shrimp to my aquarium which also houses fish.
I have the usual breeds, the only large fish being 2 pearl gouramis.

Is it a good idea?
What breeds would be ok?
What's the best way to introduce them?

If you want to get the best from your shrimp and see lots of them it's best to avoid housing with fish and I'm afraid there are not many exceptions to that. Without fish, shrimp will feed, breed and babies grow much better. Why not try a shrimp only tank? Imagine.....low tech moss, roots, crypts, loads of shrimp. Lovely!
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I guess it depends on the fish. A lot won't eat adult shrimp but will definately have a go at babies. Some despite being small fish may attack shrimp in groups, just like a wafer. Certain species of gouramis do that.
From all my fish I can guarantee that my cories won't touch any shrimp at all. Almost microscopic shrimp eat alongside grown up corys, and even take a ride on them.

The easiest and undemanding shrimp are the Neocaridina species. There are a lot colour varieties of them, the most famous being the cherry shrimp but there are rili(red/blue), yellow, blue, mandarin, sakura orange, etc.. whatever you prefer. I treat mine(cherries and red rilis) just like fish, no special treatment, extra care/extra testing and they breen like snails.

I would definately drip acclimate them when introducing to the tank and depending on how many you initially get it may take several months for them to establish a good colony.

Good luck. Shrimp are great and very active if given the right enviroment.
Oh and make sure you get the shrimp from a reputable seller. I wont name and shame any on here, but there are a handful of individuals offering cheap imported shrimp that will arrive into your tank with problems. Freshwater Shrimp on here tends to breed most of their own, so are a good starting point. Otherwise try to sniff out hobbiests selling off surplus stocks. Take your time to get good coloured shrimp [ask for pictures etc], as this will give you a great building block in ensuring your own shrimps are nicely coloured. It's a great hobby though, and you'll soon be hooked! :)
I agree about shrimp only tanks being the best way to see your shrimp at their best. Saying that though I have kept them with rummy nose tetra, black neon tetra and harlequin rasboras without any trouble - the shrimp were out and about all time just as if there weren't any fish in the tank. probably because the fish mostly stayed in the upper reaches. Even if you could get them surviving with larger fish you more than likely wouldn't see enough of them. I had some rcs migrate on some moss into a tank with clown loach and golden gourami and while they soon had a thriving colony in there I never really saw them unless I was cleaning the back glass.