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6ft Sumped Discus Tank


31 Mar 2008
Planet Earth
The Discus won't be going in for a while yet. I'm hoping it'll be planted up enough and the colony will be big enough to cope with the inevitable predation.
Yea they are random flow generators. I'm quite liking them at the moment. They definitely kill flow with a more scattered pattern. But that's perfect for me in this system as it allows me to put some reasonable flow through the tank (I have 3500 and 2500lph pumps) while still keeping a relatively still tank for the Discus. No factual research behind it but I also like the way it disperses the co2 from the reactor. They were only a couple quid from AliExpress so worth a go.
The actual Scape looks excellent despite the issues you've had with that brown filamentous algae. I don't think you'll have that problem again once it clears up.

But having looked closely again at your excellent scape, I'm beginning to second guess your choice of Discus as the future inhabitants. As much as I applaud anyone who goes down the route of a planted Discus tank, I have to think about my own experiences over 35 + years, the failures and successes.

Scapes are all about size and perspective, ratios and scale. So if I try to imagine a shoal of 8 to 10 fully grown adult Discus in your tank, and think about their size and perspective, in relation to the space available within the scape, and the choice of wood and branches, shape and size, the perspective becomes out of kilter.

Don't take this as a criticism, the scape is perfect for the right choice of fish, but I'm beginning to think Discus maybe the wrong choice.
A shoal of Juvenile Discus, say 2 to 3 inches might look okay to begin with. But they don't stay juveniles for ever and will soon out grow the scape.

A few schools of two or three smaller shoaling species would look absolutely awesome because they are in harmony with the scape. Obviously you will make your own decision, I'm just giving you the benefit of my experience and wish you all the best with it.

Here is a link to a video in YouTube of a Planted Discus Scape I did years ago. It was stripped down eventually because of the reasons given above.