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65L Skeleton coast


1 Jan 2009
Hi :D

here is another new tank , 60*30*36 , 65L , plantation is not finished yet , i need to put some moss on the wood ans also a bit on the stones , at the separation between sand and stones and here and there between the stones . on the background there will be mainly vallisneria nana , some tenellus , a bit of crypto wendtii green and maybe some ludwigia arcuata needle leef , only a bit placed using the golden ratio (roughly at the end of the path) , so it is quite not finished yet , water is still milky , sorry for the bad quality of the picture ;)

I really like that angular rock. What is the grass-like plant that you have in there already?

Can you give some info on the rock type and substrate mix?

Best Regards,
Thank you for your comments :D

Chilled84 , at this point there is only vallisneria nana and tenellus in the tank , soon i'll put some moss on the hardscape , crypto wendtii green and maybe some ludwigia arcuata needle leaf on the back ;)

Vito , Jase , Hydrophyte , Hijac , the rock is coming from a mountain next to my place , i like it's angular shape , it makes very nice clair/obscur contrasts :)

Hijac , substrate is ASII , PowerSand , TourmalineBC , Clear-super , Bacter100 (ADA is very cheap in Japan) , some of the PowerSand came back up to the surface as i used this soil for a while ;)

Hydrophyte , the grass-like plant is echinodorus tenellus , i like this plant and use it in all of my tanks recently :D ;)
I really like the hardscape but I'm reserving judgement till I see it grown in as I'm having trouble visualising how it'll all come together. If any of your other scapes are anything to go by it'll be stunning.
Thank you :D

i added some stem plants as i am worried i am a bit worried about algaes , still , there is no problem yet :)
i added some red plants , but not too flashy ones , i'll keep them untill other plants grow enough then i'll remove them . new plants are hygrophila sp and ludvigia arcuata narroe leaf

some updates of this tank , it is running kind of low-tech , 18W (0,3W/Liter) , co2 1b/3sec , nearly no ferts .
i still have to put some moss on the foreground behind the stones on the sand , had no time to take care of this yet ;)

I swear there is a dead fish [or maybe a live white lyre tail mollie] in the top left hand corner :?: Love the tank though!!!!!!!
Nico, this set up is making wonder whether i should use my manzi wood in my new 120, just to add a flavour :D again, you inspire me.
Saintly , if you have enough wood to make something with a good balance , it might definitly work , but that also might mean to rethink the rock part to integrate the wood , if you can do it without changing the central part which is great the way it is, that would do it ;)

tropic_john , that is not a dead fish :D that's my daughter's fish , he is called "shiro" , it's a Orizias Latipes var. he is moving from tank to tank, some kind of homeless as i can't seem to find a lay-out in which he would fit ...and i can't get rid of it either :D ;)
im really liking the look and id happily buy some of that rock off you :lol:
one thing IMO is(i know your better at this stuff than me but i thought id just say,) Maybe some more reddish plans would look nice in the background?i know youve already got some but i just think although it looks amazing as it is more red to green contrast might look nice. But dont take my word for it straight off, i wonder what others would say
Very very nice, I can't wait to see those stems bush out in your trade mark manner. Inspirational I want to get my 60cm back up and running already!
Neelhound , i am still wondering about what to do with the red stem plants in this tank , i dont know if they will stay or not , as the tank is turning nearly low tech (18W/65L , co2 1bp3s , ferts at water changes only ...) the red plants have some hard time to take a nice coloration , if they dont turn to a nice flashy red i'll remove them , even though you are right as the red would contrast nicely with the green ;)

here is the tank , the stem part is to bushy at its base , i'll trim it soon , at this point i still want to keep as much stem plants as i can as i still fear algaes .
moss has been recently added , need to grow :D ;)



i finally added some fishes , those are lampeye , still very small :D