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60l RCS tank.


7 Mar 2011
On with another journal. I've had this tank running for the past few months with some random fish in there, now they have been re homed I'm going for a 3rd attempt with red cherry shrimp. Wish me luck. :thumbup:

The tank is a 60l Arcadia Arc, along with internal filter, light, and heater that came with it. I think the little fleas should be ok with the filter as it has sponge inside by the intake. We'll see how things get on. Substrate is 12 month old eco complete, as it's what was in the tank.

Plants I've been throwing in trimmings recently. So far there is Staurogyne Repens, Echinodorus Quadricostatus & Vesuvius plus an unknown Echinodorus, Alternathera Renieckii and a little brown crypt, maybe wendetii. The big piece of wood had fissidens, flame and weeping moss on. It's been neglected in a plastic tub in the garage. I gave it a good scrub and think there is enough moss alive to kick thing's off. The small piece of wood has got a thriving small java fern on it that I stole from a 30cm guppy cube. Oh and there's some Tropica 53b trimmings too.

Any plants that fail will be replaced with fresh crypts, moss or ferns. :thumbup:

Ok on with the pic. Situated in the hallway.


Plan is no ferts, no carbon. I have shaded the light with a sheet of A4 paper and set to 5 hours per day.

20 cherry shrimp went in last night. I can only spot 2 tonight but no corpses. There's plenty of space for them to hide so I'm sure they are just hiding.
Looks promising :) Are you going to put anything behind to hide the wall? Also, have you got any ideas for disguising the filter? Interested because I've got a couple of small tanks with internals and I'm always looking for better ways to disguise them! :D


PS I'm sure you'll see the shrimp once they settle in. I put 10 in a 60l with some krib fry about 2 weeks ago. Didn't see much except for a bit of red buried in the moss until a couple of days ago. Now they're out and about not trying to hide at all.
Cheers, guys.

Viv, I'm not too worried about hiding the wall tbh, would be over the moon to have a stable colony of these critters. I've tried hiding internals in the past with plants and such like but I find it makes maintenance a bit of a chore. Knocking camouflage bog wood over, squashing plants when putting them back. Maybe I'm just clumsy. :)

pariarob, I tried to create a few areas for them to explore. 20 young shrimp soon disappear in a tank of this size. I've seen few out and about tonight and I have 3-4 saddled females. I may add some more moss covered rocks, and try and create a few more little holes for them to hide under. ;)
Day 9.

All going well. The RCS are very active now. I spotted a few molted exo's around the tank Thursday/Friday and 2 berried shrimp were spotted on Sunday night. Plenty of females saddled too.

I only fed them once last week, about 12-15 little Hikari shrimp cuisine pellets. I'm fearful of overfeeding after 2 failed attempts with these critters. Will grab a courgette tomorrow and try them out on a slice of that.

Moved a couple of plants around and added a few sprigs of mini twisted vallis.
love the tank ,it will grow in real nice . I only feed them algea wafers that i feed the snails and bristlenoses.
Once your moss grows , the shrimp will love grazing in it .
4 weeks on. I have been out of the country for 10 days tank looks like it did when I left. There's small signs of growth on the old moss on the wood so far. Floaters are just dieing off so I caved in an added 10ml of NPK + 10 of trace. May start this weekly from my 60l EI mix (25ml regular dose) so it's very light, let's see how that gets on.

Still plenty of shrimp action, out and about grazing. Plenty of berried females and I spotted 2 little fleas last night whilst having 20 minutes of good hard looking. So we have shrimplets already.

So looking good. Fingers crossed they keep on going. NO water changes yet only top offs. Will have to do small 20-25% change soon.
Yes photo's. I've got snaps of my 125 to update and also some emersed projects to share but little time to post due to full time work and running a small business.

Saying that, I'm back at work and got a night shift tonight. I could of bought my memory card with me and updated those. Have a look at the snap in my 1st post Viv, not changed much at all lol.
So a little over 5 weeks since the shrimp went in. Time seems to be flying right now.

I found a dead shrimpy yesterday. Just the one so far so I'm not panicking yet but will be performing a 20% WC tomorrow morning. The remaining shrimps are still very active with around 10-12 out grazing when I take a look.

Shrimplets are also active. I spotted a shrimplet exo floating around the other day so things are looking good. It seems I can see two different sized youngsters which suggest at least 2 different batches of offspring. I have a few berried females and 2 of those look fit to burst.

All in all, going well. Shading has been removed from the lights but may go back again as I have a very small amount of hair algae trying to smother my moss.

I will update a pic soon, (just for you Viv) ;) once I have sorted out the patches of diatoms on the front glass. Now to scrape or add 4 oto's? :D
Goody :D

Add a few otos they're great little critters - I've had loads of fun watching the ones in my big tank this week as I've got a hugely fat female thats been T-barring (is that the correct term?) all over the place with one of the males. Doubt it will come to anything but still! :)