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60cm Shallow.

Nick potts

25 Sep 2014
Never done a journal before and I don't imagine this one will be all that exciting, but I am going to use this to track my tanks and get feedback and ideas

My current main tank is a shallow 60x38x18cm, It's been rescaped a few times now but I think I am happy with the current layout which has been running for a few weeks.

Tank: 60x38x18cm
Lighting: 30W LED @50%
Filtration: Eden 522 external with aquario lily pipes
Heating: None
CO2: Pressurised system running to a twinstar diffuser at around 4-5BPS
Tropica soil and EI ferts
RO water remineralised to 0KH and 4-5GH

Decor: Black lava rock and Manzanita

Fauna: Ember tetra's, Ottos, CRS and Cherry shrimp. (thinking I might take the embers out and replace them with mosquito rasboras)
Flora: Lots of Buce and Anubias types, Rotala H'ra, P.Erectus, DHG, R.bonsai, S.Repens, Rotala Fujian, Xmas moss, Cladfora and I'm sure other bits in there (I am not the best at remembering what plants I add)
New tank arriving today to try some more emersed stuff, a 30x20x8cm

Any feedback is welcome.

Excuse the red, pictures make it looks a lot worse than it is, I really need to add a white background or something and the ugly diffuser setup.