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60cm Iwagumi


22 Apr 2008
Harrow, Middlesex
Well i've decided to give the rock stuff a try. I've had this funny looking fossilised wood laying around for a while now, its not like that top notch Green machine stuff... more like the stone from some of the 'scapes in Nature Aquarium World books..

Planting wise, its going to be fairly standard Iwagumi stuff.... hairgrass, HC Cuba, tenellus, lileopsis, riccia, some combination of these.
Perhaps some stems, rotala wallichii looks great with this stone, or maybe hemianthus micranthemoides... maybe both!! :rolleyes:
Here you go.

The two main stones with the sand path are staying put i'm afraid, no matter how mauch you hate them, but the right side... i'm open to suggestions.

I actually like the sand right down to the left corner, like the path is coming from somewhere.
I'm going to definitely use some nice bushy stems in this tank, hopefully make the two main "path" rocks look less imposing.
and maybe some HC or UG on the sides of the path planted in the gravel.

Also thinking of doing this with Dry Start method.