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54L Fire Amongst Green (final photos, scape completed)


2 Jun 2009
East London
Hi all. Want to show one of my works in progress. Needs a trim and better photography. Hope will follow in few weeks.
The setup is about 3 month old. Anubias and pelia was added recently as the tank lacked something. The original intention was to have more rotalas but as you see didnt work out.

Tank 60x30x30 cm about 54L
Filtration AquaPro 2sp 950lph
Substrate akadama, some peat and osmocote
Lights 2x24 T5 for 9 hours
CO2 about 2bps 24/7
Ferts EI

Echinodorus tenellus
Riccia Fluitans
Micrantenum Micraithemoides
Moss (not sure which one as well, java probably)
Rotala ratundifolia

Pest snails and different types of worms and other creatures.
No fish yet as i wanted to experiment with unlimited CO2
Update: 14 Harlequin Rasboras

Please critique it as the trim is due and i am thinking how to improve the whole scenery...
Regards and hope you like it
Re: 50L Green and Green

Thanks guys.
Was experimenting with photography a bit today.


I am thinking to completely remove bigger or all tenellus and open up the path more. Dont know about rotala. Add some more to the right or remove as well? With the bright background rotala looks more in place.
Re: 50L Green and Green

PM said:
Lower the camera slightly and center/straighten, clean the glass, remove floating bits, and remove the cables etc behind the tank and that would be a proper stunner of a pic!

Lovely tank, well done!

Thanks Vito PM and Stickleback.
Will try to do a proper photo tomorrow with the help of my all fluorescent starters :)
Yesterday was just a test. I was amazed what a backlight could do. Since the background removal the tanks looks much brighter.
Re: 50L Green and Green

Yep, keep ontop of the pruning, it looks amazing! If you are looking for way's to change it, if you get bored, maybe try some red plant's?
Re: 50L Green and Green

Thanks Gill and Oliverar. I have cleaned the glass and did some minor trim. Pictures to follow this evening when it gets darker in the room. I have left a photo period for a few hours longer over 2 last days just to enjoy the scape and it gave rotala a redder look.
Re: 50L Green and Green

Ok, did a slightly better picture.

And my studio lighting, cabinet and equipment ;)

I am still thinking tenellus is distracting. It looks out of scale for me. New plantlets look good till they get too big though. Open up rocks more on the left and right.
Critic is more than welcome :thumbup:
Re: 50L Green and Green

Brilliant hardscape. I love how those 3 peaks look. The tenellus is a bit distracting as its not growing compact enough. But honestly, I find the Anubias more distracting. Doesn't suit a fine-leaved scape such as this.
Re: 50L Green and Green (Trimmed)

Hi all. Had a trim 2 days ago. Had to trim long time ago but needed cuttings of micraithemoides for another tank. I think i have overtrimmed it in few places :D . You can notice some yellow spots in Micraithemoides and overtrimmed moss as well :crazy: having an intention to reveal more rock... Well... some experience gained for the future. Removed anubias. Hacked tenellus to the ground. Did the same thing last time and it regrows in a week.


I think i wont be able to get the best out of this scape again before i move :( so probably will rescape with similar hardscape as i like it. Will try to add sandy path as well.
Re: 50L Green and Green (Trimmed)

Saw this scape in the flesh the other day. What a fantastic scape and a lovely guy. When I arrived the entire tank was pearling away like mad. :D
Big thanks to Piece-of-fish too, for getting me sorted with some akadama and fertiliser. :D
Re: 50L Green and Green (Trimmed)

Thanks Tony, Tom and Arana.
I have now added a school of Harlequins and the final photoshoot is coming tomorrow or wednesday. Will capture a video as well. That will probably be my first contest entry (ASWC). The tank will be dismantled this week due to house move.
Its a bit hard to make straight photos as the chest of drawers had bent through the middle a bit. Will try to adjust the tripod accordingly.