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450L Low Tech Aquarium

This tank looks gorgeous! A real inspiration for people like me who have a larger tank but haven't had the courage (yet) to really make it a planted tank as opposed to one with a few plants in. I'm getting closer and closer to stripping it down (nightmare in the making though as the inhabitants would mean having to do it pretty quickly!), and your tank gives me an idea of what I could be aiming for. Thanks for sharing :thumbup:

Sorry, haven't been received notifications on this. Here's a quick update.


The tank is still up and running, hasn't changed much in the way of planting.
I've had to remove the Echinodorus uruguayensis as it was too big for the tank unfortunately. It's been replaced with some crypt balansae along the back.
The anubias is starting to take over and stretches nearly the full length of the tank. I'm having to prune some of the leaves that get algae on them but new ones soon fill in any spaces that are left. It's flowering regularly too.


The needle leaf java fern has perked up again now that i've started adding CO2 and ferts, trying to control the algae on the anubias.

Tank occupants have also changed. I've increased the numbers of congo tetras and added some boesemani and dwarf rainbows.


The crypts have got a bit thick on the right side and might need some thinning out, especially along the front of the tank.
Beautiful looking tank. I love the overplanted look.Everything looks really healthy. Keep it up :thumbup:

amazing tank. started thread from previous page and thought how good some praecox would look in there. and they do! fair play.