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275L Chaotic Balance. South American Community


27 Feb 2021
Liverpool, England
Hi all hope you are well.

Id just like to share my Aquaone275, (63cm Cube) Its been set up for about 5 months now, October 2020

Its set up as a South American community (Not including the SAE)

Fish -
8 Sub-Adult Angelfish
14 Cardinal tetra
5 Black widow tetra
3 Diamond Tetra
4 Orange flash Apistogramma (1male/3female)
2 Bristlenose Pleco (m/f)
4 Peppered Corydoras
6 Ottocinclus
Infinite number of Malaysian trumpet snails

I would list the plants, but honestly there was no real planning to this scape, its a combination of assortments of plants ive pulled from other scapes and sort of just placed into this tank as it was supposed to be a short term thing until i got the supplies together for an actual planned scape, However life took a bit of a detour, but i quite like how its turned out anyway, sort of a pseudo dutch/nature style hybrid

Lights -
2 Nicrew 24/7 LEDs
3 30W LED Floodlights (8 hour photoperiod)
Filter -
50L Sump system filled with various sponges, K2, Alfagrog and some bogwood im currently waterlogging
2000L generic Pond Pump as the return
5Kg Fire extinguisher
Co2art Dual stage regulator
JBL Inline diffuser (comes on 2h before photoperiod, and shuts off 1h before end of photoperiod)
Generic drop checker
Aquariumplantfood EI mix, alternating micro and macro daily
Alfagrog base layer
Tropica substrate
Tropica aquasoil
some cheap china made generic aquasoil i had laying round
Topped with 2-4mm crushed lava rock
Hardscape -
30Kg Black Lava Rock
Water -
50% Water change every thursday
Tap water treated with Seachem Safe (Liverpool water is pretty soft, so fortunately i dont need an RO/DI system)

275L 4.png

275L 3.png

275L 2.png

275l 1.png

Thanks everyone.
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New Member
11 Oct 2021
Amazing. As the water is so soft, do you add anything to harden?
My manchester water is so soft it just melts shrimps and snails, and many plants.