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18x12x12 new project


27 Mar 2008
Hello, this my first journal, yesterday i was given this tank & being my day off had to set it up, after a trip to TGM a few £££ later is was back home & eager to go, so i clean the tank & put in inside

then i added tropica subsrate

then sorted out my new plants, HC, Sturgoyne SP, Pogostemon helferi, hair grass & flame moss on lava rock

I then cleaned gravel & added stones, then planted the plants, heres the first scape 10 mins after water added

today one my lights broke so went to pick up a new one, came back removed all water & replanted all HC in much finer patches & moved around some stones, i will leave the scape like this now for a while to let every thing settle




Tank stats

18x12x12 holds 30 lts
light = 22w
filter = eheim ecco 700lph
co2 = 30ppm pressurised
no dossing yet
tests today
ph = 6.8
kh = 5
gh = 8
No3 = 10ppm

will post updates to progress when any is made

any comments welcome
thanks for the reply, excuse my stupidity but when you say low boi mass what do you mean?
i was thinking of changing 60-70% every other day, cos theres no fish this should be ok, the filter i used is of my other tank & has been running for 3 months on that tank, the only fish in there at the mo are 12 wild green neons, 5 otos & 2 german blue rams, once this tank is cycled i will move otos & neons over not sure about the rams though, i really want to give them away iv had them for 13 months, my longest lasting rams, im going to set my other tank up as mbuna clichlid tank