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150l Gurami - Somewhat Asian Themed

Discussion in 'Journals' started by Raptorendame, 9 Jan 2017.

  1. Raptorendame

    Raptorendame Member


    I think it's time for a new journal, as I will get my new tank tomorrow (well,I have to go get it. Nice 5 hour drive.. ^^ The things you do ...)

    Here's what I got so far:

    Custom made tank (61x48x60) - about 150l
    Lighting: Kessil A160W Tuna Sun (delivery somewhat next week, had to import it from UK)
    Filtration: Eheim eXperience 250
    Heating: Tetra HT 100
    Co2: I have no idea yet, haven't had one before and am still figuring out what I need

    Plants: I want to stick to plants that come from asia/southeast asia
    I also want to plant some plants in emersed planting thingies I saw in other tanks on this site. They are normally used for bathrooms ^^'
    I am still looking for suggestions here, so far I decided that I want:
    Pogostemon Erectus (emersed)
    Bucephalandra (of some sort)
    probably Ultricularia graminifolia
    (Suggestions very welcome)

    A pair of Honey Guramis
    A school of Boraras brigittae
    Kuhli Loaches(?)
    (Any suggestions on the stocking are very welcome!)

    I want to use the Ada Malaysa Soil/Sand/Powder Combo.

    So far for my plans, I'll follow up with pictures tomorrow once I get the tank :D
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  2. Nelson

    Nelson Member

    Sounds good.
    You could do a riparium style tank with mainly emersed plants.Then wood/roots and leaf litter/botanicals.
    Some great stuff here, https://tanninaquatics.com/collections/aquatic-botanicals .
    Don't forget Cryptocoryne's.
    Ultricularia graminifolia can be very hard to grow.Though you could try it emersed and let it grow down into the water.
    Honey gourami's are from India,still Asia though.
    Some great video's for inspiration, https://www.youtube.com/user/DiscoveryPlanetuk/videos .
    Good luck ;).
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  3. Raptorendame

    Raptorendame Member

    Thanks for your input! I've been thinking about going for something a bite more like a riparium, i'll think about it.

    And I've been looking for a channel on youtube like this, thank you :)
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  4. Raptorendame

    Raptorendame Member

    It's there!

    6 hour drive yesterday, this morning a kind neighbor helped me put it in place ^^ It's so new, it still smells of silicone.

    View attachment 101366

    Now I need some good hardscape materials. Phew...
    I'd like to create some sort of "trunk" in the left corner, with a slight slope and some stones.

    EDIT: I'll need a small ladder to scape this thing. I'm only 1,58. Didn't think this through ...
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  5. Raptorendame

    Raptorendame Member

    Bad news - my Kessil A160W arrived today, and after letting it acclimate I turned it on for testing and it is very loud. I could here the "Wrrrrrrr" across the room. Actually sounds like the fan is imbalanced or smth like that. I already contacted Kessil and my reseller in UK (there are no german resellers, so I hadto import it) and hope it will be exchanged :(

    Has anyone here any experience with this lamp and can tell me if it's really that loud? I read that it is dead silent, but I am worried now that I am betting on the wrong horse (so to speak)
  6. Raptorendame

    Raptorendame Member

    So.. the Kessil's been in for repair and according to the german RMA company they couldn't find anything. I'll test it once again and let it run in some more, but if it stays this loud I'll not get Husband approval. I can't imagine that it's normal for a lamp to have it'S fan round on 100% all of the time. :/

    In other news: I ordered ADA Malaysa Soil, Powder and Bacter 100. The only thing's missing now is a Co2 system and plants, as well as hardscape. This will have to wait for next month though. We're slowly getting thee, I hope to be able to plant end of month.

    If anyone has anything to share about the Kessil A160W I'd be very happy if someone could share there experience :(
  7. Raptorendame

    Raptorendame Member

    Getting a new Kessil - today I will check my filter and my lights and so on.

    I just phoned the local .. peat factory? I live in a moor and my husbands says I'd be stupid to buy expensive hardscape and should ask at the local factory - Io and Behold, the owner knew what I was looking for, said they have a mountain of wood lying around and I can just come by on monday and pick up what suits my desires :D I'll take lots of pictures.
  8. Fiske

    Fiske Member

    Never had one myself, but I've gathered that Kessils are notoriously noisy. There are various remedies around the net for fixing this if you're handy (note it will most likely void your warranty), either changing the fan or forcing it to run slower. On this forum, I think Big Tom did some modification on a Kessil in his Bucket of Mud thread...

    Amazing that a light in this priceclass has such a design flaw...

    Edit: https://www.ukaps.org/forum/threads/toms-bucket-o-mud-the-end.14521/page-21#post-278154

    Here's the post from Big Tom.
    Last edited: 25 Feb 2017
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  9. Raptorendame

    Raptorendame Member

    Thanks for your feedback. I read through the Bucket o' mud thread, but probably forgot what he wrote about the Kessil. I'll have another look and will probably fix it myself.. Can't give the light back now and spent 260 bucks on it ... this sucks.

    And yes - I've had LEDs from a german manufacturer before for my reef tank setup and they were dead silent. The new tank's in the living room and the husband acceptance factor of the Kessil is very very low .. not to say non-existent. /o\
  10. Raptorendame

    Raptorendame Member

    I was at the local peat facility today!
    It was aquascapers heaven ;) Have a look:


    Huge Pile! I got a few pieces I found suitable:


    Proper bogwood. I already cleaned some peat off, tomorrow I'll clean it with a brush and then will put it into some waterbuckets until I can get so scape the tank :)
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  11. alto

    alto Member

    I have three & would state that Kessils are notoriously silent ;)

    I do have one A160 with an audible hum IF my head is right next to the light & house is silent ...

    As long as there have been LED's, there have been oddly noisy individuals (one company had numerous units that emitted a high pitched whine, sorted with the next generation) - if you happen to receive a noisy LED, return it & don't accept anything less than a new replacement :cool:

    awesome :)
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  12. Raptorendame

    Raptorendame Member

    thanks for the feedback! Mine had a high pitched noise. I hoped it would be more silent, due to it being the new generation (it's a Tuna Sun, no Amazon Sun, which is supposed to be silent). You're giving me back my hope :)

    Wood and tank are now waiting for the light ... it should be shipped by now.
  13. RobinsonAquatics

    RobinsonAquatics Member

    All that bogwood. wow. Its so hard for us in the UK to find even two piece of good bogwood!
  14. Raptorendame

    Raptorendame Member

    I can only imagine!
    I took a full big swedish-furniture-shop-bag with me home :) on the downside, there is no shop which sells fish within the next 40km ... :/

    My lamp has still not arrived. Meh.
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