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1 fry came with shrimp - is it a guppy?


20 Nov 2017
I went to the local fish shop yesterday and asked for 4 amano shrimp to add to a 5L. Due to social distancing, and the tiny shop, they asked me to wait by the checkout while they caught the shrimp at the back of the shop. This means that I don't know what fish were with the shrimp. When she came back she said I think you might have 5 in the bag...

When I got home, I could see through the bag that there were 3 big shrimp a small one and a tiny one... so yes I had 5. I acclimatised them and then added them to the tank. The tiny one didn't act like a shrimp... I got a magnifying glass and saw that it was a fish! It's less than 1cm in length.

I have checked online and it does seem to be a guppy/endler/platy type shape. The trouble is, that I have soft water - 4GH so have never kept livebearers. My main tank has tetras, rasboras, etc. If this guy survives, I will move it over to the main tank I think, but at the moment it's far too small and no doubt would be eaten. Today, it's still lively and has eaten some crushed pellet. Another problem is that the 5L is only set to 20c, so I suppose I had best raise the temp. Any tips?

A pic. The green frond it's facing is java moss, so you can see how small it is.