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water hardness

  1. G

    50litre Planted Dragon Stone Aquarium

    Hello, I'm still a newbie so I have a lot a questions and appreciate a lot your help. I haven't started because i want to know everything I need to know before, i had a 200litre tank in Portugal where I did water changes with tap water but the water was so diferent. My idea is to do a planted...
  2. Chris25

    Ro Water Ph

    Hi all, I'm trying to breed some cardinal tetras and to do so have a small 20 litre tank with a small sponge filter, heater set at 26c and 6 cardinals in. I believe to breed cardinals I need to get the ph to between 5.5-6.0. My tap water ph comes out at around 8.5 and is hard. To lower the ph...
  3. Glenda Steel

    Hardscape stone and hard water

    I am hoping to use rock for the first time in an aquascape and wanted some advise please. We are in an area of the UK which has exceptionally hard water (according to the local waterboard my postcode has a reading of 324ppm, a GH of 18.4 and a high ph of 7.35) is there a stone that won't raise...