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water chemistry

  1. D

    High Silicates in Tank

    Hi all, I have a 30L heavily planted nano with neons and shrimp. Some months ago I was battling BBA (daily liquid carbon, direct application of hydrogen peroxide, frequent water changes) but eventually saw a long term fix after changing from tap water to RO water bought from my LFS. I've now...
  2. Ryouku2015

    Ro water and chemistry shrimp tank

    Hi im moving my shrimp to a 125l from a 27l and have been using an ro filter which was 25gpd I've now upgraded to 200gpd and wanted to check as I'm still new to using RO water it's reduces to 4 tds from 450 which I presume is fine as it's about 99% and waste is at 1:1.25 when I measured. Just...
  3. Chris25

    Ro Water Ph

    Hi all, I'm trying to breed some cardinal tetras and to do so have a small 20 litre tank with a small sponge filter, heater set at 26c and 6 cardinals in. I believe to breed cardinals I need to get the ph to between 5.5-6.0. My tap water ph comes out at around 8.5 and is hard. To lower the ph...
  4. jcspotless

    Measurement of Nitrate with a Spectrophotometer

    Hi, I wondered if anyone here had tried to use some of the homemade spectrophotometers and https://spectralworkbench.org to measure nitrate or indeed other colourmetric assay rather than a test kit. I am thinking about it but its quite a big project so before I start I wondered what I might...
  5. mike L

    "Second Hand" Surface Agitation!

    I've ran air-stones at lights out, I've ran them 24/7 with co2 cranked up to compensate. The battle for good oxygen levels without de-gassing co2 always seems to take place at the water surface which recently led me to an idea/experiment. What if I create "another" surface which I can aerate...
  6. soham

    What's the latest consensus on the effect of high KH on plant growth?

    Dear members, What I have read in various forums so far is that high GH values isn't a big deal for most plants and they grow just fine. There seem to be a difference in opinion regarding high KH values. My first question is what's considered as a high KH level? Mine is 9 dH. Is it high or...
  7. Trevorb101

    Already worried after a few weeks ...... And years of failure

    I have had a 4ft tank for 20 years. Freshwater tropical. Always failed miserably to maintain any sort of healthy environment. So, time to start again and do it right. I bought a new Juwel Vision 260. I use both the included Bioflow 6.0 filter system and an external JBL e700 filter. Currently...
  8. AKD594

    Lava Rock as Hardscape - How much does it really affect water quality?

    Hi All Just a quick question regarding Lava Rock as hardscape. I've read in numerous places that lava rock acts as a great area for colonising denitrifying bacteria and thus will improve water quality. . Just wanted to ask you guys if (from your experience) you have found this to be true. The...
  9. Joel Smith

    What level should I aim for with my nitrates? And two other ?'s...

    Hi guys, I currently have a 90 gallon tank. Water is 77 degrees Fahrenheit. My CO2 runs from 9AM-7PM at about 4-5BPS, my LED runs 10AM-3PM(15min fade out), and my 2x54T5HO run 2:40PM-8PM. I dose all flourish products: excel (every other day), potassium and iron (once a week), and flourish...
  10. AverageWhiteBloke

    Oak Leaves

    Got hold of some recently fallen Oak leaves to put in my shrimp tank and blackwater species instead of Almond leaves. Just wondering is there anything I need to do to them first before putting them in the tank and what's the best way to store them?
  11. Chris25

    Water Chemistry from really hard water

    Hi all, I live down in Southampton and have stupidly hard water! I want to try and breed and raise discus and am struggling to get my parameters correct. I have a bare bottom 100l tank which I've setup with an air filter and air stone. I have put in some moss balls from another tank and there...
  12. Climbitise

    New Planted Tank PH and Nitrate.

    Hi all I have just joined the forums but have been browsing for a while and found them extremely informative. Three months ago I decided to take the plunge into planted aquariums with pressurised CO2. I have been gradually cycling the tank using a mature filter which is now removed and my...