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wabi kusa aquascape emersed growth

  1. C

    Covering up emersed plants

    Hello, I am looking into starting up a waterfall Wabi Kusa setup very soon. But I have a question, once I have the plants fully converted to their emersed state do I need to keep the Wabi Kusa covered up with clear plastic sheets or will I be able to leave it uncovered and just spray it? The...
  2. Ray_Norwich

    Iwagumi style wabi-kusa

    A little wabi-kusa experiment, mostly mosses from my garden with rotalia rotundafolia growing in behind and random terrestrial plants sprouting from the moss.
  3. Matt Havens

    Small Wabi Kusa

    Hi all, Some pictures from my most recent attempt at a small WK.
  4. Martin in Holland

    Moss balls (wabi kusa)

    I'm trying to grow some moss balls with moss I collected (looks like Java moss) and some left over plants I had in my propagator. The balls are filled stockings with some ADA substrate and stones, wrapped spaghnum and (Java) moss around it and tight the plants on top of that covering their roots...
  5. Samjpikey

    My Wabi kusa journey

    Well yea as per the title .... Giving the old wabi kusa a go . I haven't actually done a lot of research on the different methods but I have briefly read through the ones on ukaps and decided to give it a shot , another project involving aquatic plants !! Why not ;) I found a glass bowl at...