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  1. Chris_Homan

    Measured temperature vs thermostat setting

    I have a 90 liter tank, that’s heated by an 100W Aquael Heater. I also tested the same setup with a 200W Nicrew heater. Both heaters had the thermostat set to 28 degrees but my thermometers show a range from 22 to 24 degrees. I use an ADA glass thermometer but have also tested with digital...
  2. Bradders

    The temperature for Fish

    Hello All, When you scan the internet and read research, you find lots of different advice for species fish temperatures and the ranges that they can live in. I am talking more about adult fish, rather than breeding, which sometimes requires a more specific environment. I just wondered whether...
  3. Nathanh2150

    Best temperature for an open top aquarium

    Hi all, I have an evolution aqua aquascaper 900 first time owning an open top aquarium I have a biomaster thermo 600 seeing what the best temperature is ideal as currently running around the 27c mark is this too hot or do I need to lower for around the 25c mark currently there is no live stock...
  4. Chris25

    Temperature Fluctuation

    Hi all, I've recently purchased an Inkbird ITC-306A WiFi and think its really good, after some initial problems with continuous heating alarms going off! You set a low temperature and a high temperature . When the temperature drops below the low setting the heaters (2x 300w) power on until it...
  5. D

    Dwarf gourami and discus

    Hi everyone, Just wanted to know if people thought paring dwarf Gouramis and discus as tankmates would be a good idea. Aquarium temp is 28 degrees Celsius so it would (acording to what I age read would mean they would be at summer breading temperatures). Many people however say they have kept...
  6. Kezzab

    Is 18c too low?

    In an attempt to make life easier i'me going to convert my nano tank from hi-tech to low tech. I'm keen to dispense with the heater as it's quite obtrusive. The only livetstck is likely to be a few cherry shrimp, maybe a couple of otos. Ambient house temperature is around 18c. Will most of the...