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  1. Tom43

    River Eco-Systems Video

    I came across this video by Dr Anne Jefferson who runs the Water Hydrology Unit at Kent State University. Thought it was worth a share for those who've not seen it. She has a great blog as well.
  2. scapegoat

    Tobago jungle freshwater wildlife

    Last summer I visited Tobago in the Caribbean, It's very close to Venezuela so shares a lot of its wildlife and luckily hasn't been ravaged by tourism. Whilst on a jungle trek I came across 2 fishes in a stream as well as various crabs and crayfish. The fish look a lot like a killifish...
  3. iPlantTanks

    Fry in the Stream

    Most of my plants came today so could help starting this journal. I'm converting my bare bottom fry tank into a mini aquascape, and for a change I've gone for a stream/river look. I've ordered some lovely looking sumatran driftwood that look like fallen branches and roots. A mixture of java and...