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red cherry shrimp

  1. N

    Red cherry shrimp grade?

    I was just looking at my red cherry shrimp and wondering what grade they are. I have looked online but I can’t really find pictures of red cherries matching the ones I have as mine have this orangey red line going down their back. Below is a picture of what they look like. The second picture is...
  2. J

    Advice on adding fish

    Hi all, I just wanted a bit of advice on adding fish to my tank and my red cherry shrimp. At the end of this week, it’ll have been 4 weeks since I added cherry shrimp to my tank. They seem fine and 4 out of 5 of them have molted. I’m pretty sure I have 2 females but neither of them have...
  3. Ray_Norwich

    Dennerle 50L Scaper's Tank

    Hello all, I'm starting this a little late (five weeks after planting) but thought I'd share progress to date and start giving updates as things develop. Its one of the 50L Dennerle tanks with: Equipment: Twinstar 450E lights (with inline dimmer) Columbo CO2 Profi Set Neo diffuser Aquael 300...
  4. Ben C

    What is killing my shrimps?

    I've successfully kept and bred red cherry shrimps for years and I've read about largely unexplained mass die-offs before, but its now happening to me.. I'm losing about 10 shrimps a night at the moment but just a moment ago, found one in the final throes of death. On closer inspection, I...
  5. Otto72

    Otto's Upcoming Shrimp Breeding Station

    Edited and updated 24th October 2015 Ok not much to see here just yet but this will be my journal for my Shrimp tanks. Aquarium 3 x ADA 60P * Lighting Not sure yet. Filtration Eheim Ecco Pro 200 x 3* Air Pump (1) and Sponge filters (3)* Substrate Dennerle Sulawesi Black* ADA Amazonia*...
  6. Otto72

    Show us your shrimp tank 2013

    Well, I made a post like this here about two years ago and can't seem to find it again. So I though I would start a new one as I know you all have some awesome Shrimp tanks out there. Don't be shy let's see your masterpieces :)
  7. fandango

    Long-Term Low Maintenance 120cmx60x60 Tank (new video on page 6)

    Hi everyone, This is my first post on this forum. I've have learned so much from people here and on The Planted Tank Forum and Aquatic Plant Central. After all that reading and learning I thought I needed to share my experience with the community 8) I had my tank now for about 8 years...