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plant growth

  1. Nathanh2150

    Tiger lotus bulb advice

    Have had my tiger lotus bulb in my aquarium for around a week now in my tank and the bulb has gone white should I take out of the tank to wash white substance off or remove it completely? I have taken a photo not the best but shows whats happening.
  2. Nathanh2150

    D-D P1 Dosing Pump

    What’s everyone’s thoughts on a dosing pump
  3. M

    First Planted Tank - Help with Set up plans

    Hi All - First time poster and about to embark on my first planted tank ever (or any aquarium actually). Want to say a big thank you to all the posters on here as the help/tutorials and amount of detailed research on this forum is amazing and has been invaluable to me as I plan. I've been...
  4. monozuki

    Growing black spots on plants in 3 day old aquarium

    Hi all, Posting in hopes of getting some help, as am pretty freaked out by now. This is my first aquarium (planted or otherwise) and I tried my best to do things right, but apparently something's out of whack, because within the first 3 days of setting it up (finished everything on Sunday), the...
  5. L

    CO2 Reactors vs Diffuser for large aquarium

    Hi All, I am new to this forum but I have been directed here for some useful advice. A little bit of research: I would like peoples opinions on CO2 reactors and Diffusers (ceramic) and which would be better for a large 6ft aquarium. I have read multiple threads on different forums, some...