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  1. jaypeecee

    RO Water, Remineralizers and pH

    Hi Folks, For those people who use RO water + remineralizers, what resulting water pH do you get? I just hope that I'm not the only one who uses RO water! Any and all feedback very welcome! JPC
  2. jaypeecee

    Does Alkaline Water Favour Cyanobacteria (aka BGA)?

    Hi Everyone, Some of you will know that I have taken an active interest in Cyanobacteria (aka BGA). The reason for this is simple - I have had several infestations of this unwelcome guest in my tanks over the years. So, I tend to avidly read any new research that I find on what I refer to as...
  3. jaypeecee

    Using Peat To Lower Water pH

    Hi Folks, In one of my tanks, I need to lower the water pH to around 6.5, i.e. slightly acidic. The current pH of this tank is 7.54 and alkalinity/carbonate hardness is 3.0 dKH. I'm wondering about using peat, something I've never done before. Can anyone suggest a suitable product? I would need...
  4. Nathanh2150

    Correct ph for aquarium

    Hi all What’s the correct ph for aquarium after 3 months ? Mine is currently at around 5-6 ph
  5. Hanuman

    PH rise in water cup

    Hello, I would like to have the chemical explanation of why water taken out of a tank, in say a cup, will have its PH rise and be > to the PH of the water in the tank. This is assuming the following: The tank has some aquasoil that buffers PH. Co2 is not being injected at the moment water is...
  6. jaypeecee

    Why Advise A 1pH Drop?

    Hi Folks, I don't understand why a 1pH drop is advised when setting up a profile for injected CO2. For example, if the water KH is 4dH and the starting pH is 7.3, the CO2 concentration will be approximately 6 ppm. But, after a 1pH drop to 6.3, the CO2 concentration will be a staggering 60 ppm...
  7. Ryouku2015

    Ideal Water Parameters

    Hi I have a 240l tank that I have now converted to a high tech planted tank. Ive decided to use RO water and remineralise as my tap water is terrible (about 60-80ppm nitrate and very hard water) and have been deciding on what parameters to aim for and so far ive settled on a pH of 7, GH of 6...
  8. Chris25

    Ro Water Ph

    Hi all, I'm trying to breed some cardinal tetras and to do so have a small 20 litre tank with a small sponge filter, heater set at 26c and 6 cardinals in. I believe to breed cardinals I need to get the ph to between 5.5-6.0. My tap water ph comes out at around 8.5 and is hard. To lower the ph...
  9. Gaina

    Does Florabase Pro lower Gh?

    Forgive me if this question has been asked elsewhere, I had a look around but couldn't find anything. Does Florabase Pro lower Gh when it 'sets' your PH? I'm on day 7 of my fishless cycle and the pH is steadily dropping towards 6 as indicated on the Florabase packaging (currently 6.4), but my...
  10. Michal

    Will filter bacteria survive and function under 6 Ph?

    Hi everyone, I keep Chocolate and Samurai Gouramis in RO water and when I add peat to the aquarium, the PH drops to 5,2 - 5,5 in a few days, until the next water change. Then it will rise up a little. I´ve been searching the internet for the answer, but what I found is either too technical for...
  11. ScottW

    PH Meter

    Hi All, Has anyone used one of these type of PH meters or can recommend an alternative for around £20 - £40 ? I have one of the pen ones, but would like one that I can just leave in the tank and can turn it on when required.
  12. Julian

    pH changes

    I like to think I have a fair amount of knowledge when it comes to CO2/pH but something is confusing me. Using a calibrated pH pen, I've measured the water inside the tank after turning off the CO2 for 2 days and it measured 7.5. Using the same pen, I measured a sample of water taken from the...
  13. Aqua Hero

    if aqa soil can do it then can peat granules/peat balls and black extract do the same?

    hi i purchased aqa soil a while ago to re cycle my tank. it lowered my ph all the way down from 7.6 to 6.2. my water hardness is 258 gh according to thames water. since my aqa soil was able to lower the ph and soften the water and keep it down for 3 months can i the combination of peat and...
  14. Kyle Lambert

    rocks that soften water?

    Hey there ladies and gentlemen. Im looking to get back into the game soon (and have eyed up a freaking lovely 135l tank with which to do so) and i have the misfortune of living in a hard water area. If i could afford the RO kit id be going for it without question but its not an option for me. I...
  15. Solex

    Another PH/KH/Co2 ppm Profile question

    LED lights are on for 9 hours at maximum 40% of their capacity. KH color test (with a Sera drop set), color change at the 7th and sometimes 6th drop, tap water is at the 8th. Water temperature 22.5-23C. These drop tests are not very accurate!! PH (Sera drop test set) 08:00 >7 14-21 ppm (KH7...
  16. Jason Blake

    pH Meter and/or Drop Checker, pH Levels / Profile

    Hi, I have been reading many threads concerning the measurement of CO2 concentration in a tank. Unfortunately I am still a little confused about the matter. On one hand I get the impression that all one needs is a drop checker and as long as it turns Limeade green, you have enough CO2 and of...
  17. John P Coates

    Using the pH, KH, CO2 chart

    Hi Folks, I want to try to gauge the acccuracy of the pH, KH, CO2 chart for determining CO2 concentration in the typical (!) tropical planted aquarium with fish. As I understand it, this chart relies on carbonic acid being the only acid determining the pH of the aquarium water. But there are...
  18. M

    CO2 question

    I know, it's yet another CO2 question but I cannot find the answer! Set up pressurised CO2 about 3 weeks ago and although I am still adjusting bps and switch on and off times it appears to be working fairly well. Normal tank water before CO2 was pH 8.0 or even up to 8.2 - hard water...
  19. michael woods

    Can anyone help...ph question

    Ok so I'm about 4 weeks into my first aquascape and the tank is nearly cycled...showing 0.25 ammonia and 0.25 nitrite with 10ppm nitrate. I'm running an ei dosing schedule with a 50% water change on Sundays. It's a 64 litre tank with a pressurised co2 system pumping around 2bps and no fish in...
  20. RolyMo

    Recommendations for an accurate PH meter below £80

    It's nearly Christmas time and family are asking the difficult questions of what would I like for a present. Life would be easy if I could just reply, a new house, a couple of new expensive tanks, filters and lights. But I don't have family who are flush and generous. So I will have to make do...
  21. D

    pH Fluctuations

    Greetings from Brisbane (Australia). I've just come back into the hobby following a fairly extended hiatus and have set up a Fluval Edge 46l with the following equipment: Stock filter & lighting (LED strip, Aquaclear hang-on) Eheim Jager Heater Fluval 88g CO2 kit with Dennerle shut-off valve...
  22. Climbitise

    New Planted Tank PH and Nitrate.

    Hi all I have just joined the forums but have been browsing for a while and found them extremely informative. Three months ago I decided to take the plunge into planted aquariums with pressurised CO2. I have been gradually cycling the tank using a mature filter which is now removed and my...
  23. M

    CO2/pH level in planted tank

    Has anyone measured pH level during 24h interval in his planted tank? I would like to know if pH/CO2 is continually increasing during the day, and begin to decrease only after lights are off ... or if it increases after turning the lights on until it reaches some level, and then stays...
  24. M

    Does anyone know some good pH meter connecting to PC?

    I'm looking for some good (cheap) pH meter which could be connected to PC, or which can save its measurements to memory in set intervals. Please, do you have some tips? I want to measure (log) pH in my aquarium each hour for 1 or 2 days ... to see how the pH changes during the day and night...
  25. Jake Senior

    Help!!!!...The more I read the more I become confused.

    Please help!!!!!....I have 10 fantastic boesemani rainbow fish and I want to create a lush planted 300 litre tank for them (I wasn't planning on using CO2). Ideally ph neutral-7.5. I currently use Bristol tap water, not as hard a London water but is alkaline (TDS ranges 200/260). I was...