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new aquarium setup

  1. christinecrites

    Project I - 3 Gallon Nano Tank - Low Tech

    I bought this 3 Gallon Marineland tank complete with internal filter. I swapped the filter set up out for a bigger sponge, fluval biomedia and tucked in filter floss between the other filter media and the pump. I added a heater that I have to monitor because it’s preset. I unplug it if the water...
  2. Shoshi Scaping

    Iwagumi Journal for an EPQ

    14/03/2021 Hi everyone, I have decided to start this journal in order to document the process of my new iwagumi aquascape. This journal will also tie into a school project that I’m doing called an EPQ. An EPQ is worth 50% of an A-Level and is essentially an essay or artefact on any topic you’d...
  3. monozuki

    Growing black spots on plants in 3 day old aquarium

    Hi all, Posting in hopes of getting some help, as am pretty freaked out by now. This is my first aquarium (planted or otherwise) and I tried my best to do things right, but apparently something's out of whack, because within the first 3 days of setting it up (finished everything on Sunday), the...
  4. J

    Advice on First Planted Tank

    I'm totally new to the hobby and am getting my first tank ready to make a start, figured i would do as much research as i can to be as ready as possible. Just wanted to check with the more experienced members of the group that my initial selection of plants would work in my tank 125 litre with...
  5. J

    Back to fish keeping after 15 years

    Hi everyone, I’m Josh from York, North Yorkshire. I haven’t kept fish for around 15 years but after discovering aquascaping via various youtubers I can’t wait to have another go at it! Currently buying everything I need to set up my first and I must say it’s a little more expensive than I first...
  6. Rob_Planted

    Tank Transformation! House Move! I’m scared but join me for the ride!

    Hi everyone, First journal from a new member so please be nice! Ok so where to start... I have kept tropical fish for 5/6 years now, and my pride and joy at the moment is my Fluval Roma 125L that has been running for 3 years pretty successfully, but with the focus on the fish. I have...
  7. A

    Brand New Planted Tank - Total Novice so Advice Appreciated

    Hello, I just created my tank last night using the Walstad method (I think). First time doing this and I really hope my plants survive. If they grow nicely I would like to add in some shrimp too. Don't have a filter on it currently because my one has gone walkabouts - was planning on...
  8. Lola15

    New to CO2, please help!

    Ive looked online but can’t seem to find out whether I’ve set up my pressurised co2 system properly (it came with no instructions) I’ve made a quick video, if anyone knows what I may have done wrong, I’d appreciate your advice, thanks!
  9. Paul Castle

    My new tank setup....1 month later....

    I tried to setup my first ever full planted tank in September... Cabomba to the sides, Amazon swords to the rear with Hair grass at the front and Anubias to the right of the log...... I've added a little Java Moss and a beautiful plant which I can't remember the name lol to the left...
  10. Paul Castle

    First Planted tank

    Hi guys, I've just finished setting up my tank, after years of using artificial plants in community tanks. I have finally decided to try to make a fully planted tank... I used Tetra Active Aquarium Substrate ( One 6 L bag gave around 1-2cm depth covering the floor of my tank, I then used Black...