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  1. SpeedyTheBetta

    (Week 1) Walstad Tank with Speedy the Betta | No CO2, No Ferts & Heater

    Hi there, I am for 6months now into this hobby and i really loved it! I like Natural planted tanks & Provide an ecosystem where plants and fish balance each other's needs. so learned about it and created my planted tank. I use organic soil and gravel, for plants i picked alot of fast growing...
  2. T

    Tropical 1700L tank is arriving

    About to receive my new tropical tank. I am looking for LARGE bags of natural coloured stones possibly a wholesaler? I need ALOT for the size tank I am getting. I will also be looking for lots of large stones to build up and create some levels.
  3. Kezzab

    Ideas walk (pics)

    Took some pics while walking the dogs round the local nature reserve. Maybe a bit of inspiration here for next scape.

    240l Dutch/Nature Aquarium

    Hello, my name is dan and i think its finally time to stop being so lazy and start my journal. Ive had various tanks for the past 8 years and learnt alot from this and other forums! I currently have a 240l tank which im finally able to say is working without any problems apart fom its to small...
  5. AnnLupeT

    Where I got my plants

    Hi! i just wanted to share how some aquascapers propagate their plants here in the Phil :D I envy them for living next to river :D I'm planning to have a pond like that too :D https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=878345038858294&set=o.522633677814753&type=3&permPage=1...
  6. DanV

    3ft Hillstream Tank

    This is my second post here. I have introduced myself. This thread is about my 3ft hillstream tank. Specs to follow: Size: 3ft - 100l Filtration: 1200lph powehead with internal manifold and sponge filter, 3000lph wavemaker and a Aquaclear 300 HOB. Light: 2X T5's Substrate: Pool Filter Sand...