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nano tank

  1. Framed Nature

    CO2 for Micro Tanks

    Hi all! I am setting up a 1.5G micro nano tank and have been trying to find a co2 system (afforable) sufficient for it. I have been using my neo co2 diy set for my 3G and realized that the output is too much, which means it would be even worse for a 1.5G, especially because I plan to have...
  2. S

    RO Water Nano Tank Mix Quantities

    Hi All I'm new to the forum and really excited to have joined! I'm a beginner (this is my second set up and my first was a bit of a catastrophe). I had some questions regarding water chemistry and RO water. I previously used tap but my source water is extremely hard (London) and is very high in...
  3. Shoshi Scaping

    EPQ Aquascaping Journal ~ Nature Aquarium

    04.04.2021 Hi everyone, I've decided to start this journal in order to document the process of my latest aquascape. This journal will also tie into a school project that I’m doing called an EPQ (Extended Project Qualification). An EPQ is worth 50% of an A-Level and is essentially an essay or...
  4. christinecrites

    Project II - 5 Gallon Low Tech Cube Tank

    Newbie sharing my second scape progress and welcoming any tips or advice! Tank: 5G Marineland Portrait with false back and internal filter ripped out and an Oase filtosmart 60 added. (mech. sponge, biomedia, filter floss and purigen). Mini 25W heater (non adjustable). ONF flat nano on a time...
  5. L

    Return to Aquascaping (no title yet)

    This is my first tank for a few years. I had a lot of the equipment already,bought for a planned tank a couple of years back that never got started, just waiting for the spark of enthusiasm to get back into it. My first idea was to do a very jungle-y scape but after looking for sources of...
  6. Daalamist

    Critique my hardscape 5 gallon tank rock positioning(pics)

    Hi. I’m working on the hardscape for my first nano tank. I gathered some rocks from the beach and this is how I positioned them but I’d like opinions before I glue it. I’m Planning on sloping my soil up toward the back left to cover the base stones. I’ll be keeping it quite simple and safe with...
  7. Daalamist

    First aquascape, my plant choices (ok?)

    I have a 5 gallon tank which will be low tech. No CO2 and a clip on led light. I’m not sure how bright it will be but probably low to keep algae away. I have a dimmer that so I can adjust the brightness. I’ve been reading about low tech plants a lot and I think I’ve finally settled on the three...
  8. oscarlloydjohn

    Nano tank plant suggestions

    I'm struggling with these swords in my tiny tank. Absolutely no idea why I bought such a large plant for such a small tank. It was in the early days of the tank and I had basically no knowledge or experience. I can't get them to grow properly; they have always had some kind of deficiency which...
  9. A

    Nano tank recommendations

    Hi All, new to forum but very experienced fish keeper (~10 years). I currently have a Fluval Roma 125 which has been running a while. Wanted a new nano project as something a bit different. I'm mainly looking for what my actual physical tank options are currently. Not sure what products are out...
  10. AKD594

    Lava Rock as Hardscape - How much does it really affect water quality?

    Hi All Just a quick question regarding Lava Rock as hardscape. I've read in numerous places that lava rock acts as a great area for colonising denitrifying bacteria and thus will improve water quality. . Just wanted to ask you guys if (from your experience) you have found this to be true. The...
  11. stefano-bonalume

    25 Liters - Low Tech

    Hi, everybody. I just wanted to show you my low-tech \ nano tank. The tank is Wave Box 40 Cosmos (25 liters), with a small internal corner filter, heater and the light originally included was a 20W Cosmos Freshwater, but I recently changed it to a 25W light (1400 lumen, 6500K). Currently I...
  12. nbaker

    Glass rectangular rimless Nano around 20L

    Hi, I am looking for a rectangular glass rimless/braceless nano tank around the 20L mark. Had a good look around the web but mostly come up with cubes or acrylic tanks such as Interpet Nano LED 19L which is nice but has rounded corners and inbuilt filter both of which I am not keen on also...
  13. tmiravent

    crumb [migalhas]

    Hi, thi is my re-scape from the previous CovaMoura. a lot of work to do...:cigar:
  14. Gokul

    10mm Lily Pipe fit problem :(

    I am buying cy20 rinun and the spec is Inlet tube:¢11-15x500mm Outlet tube:¢8-12x500mm, will a 10mm lily pipe fit this ? i understand that the Inlet wont, but is there a way to fix this issue ? I can buy them separately, but i am getting the set of 10mm lily pipe in a good deal though.
  15. Simon Day

    Aquascape Number 1 - Retro journal

    Like many of the people using this forum I seem to have caught this aquascaping bug by chance. The following dozen or so steps just about sum it up really: Step 1. buy 'low maintenance' goldfish pet for daughter……Step 2. watch said 'low maintenance' pet die due to lack of maintenance (and...
  16. Cherry

    New Shrimp tank set up

    Help needed please - wasn't sure where to put this - so here goes !:bored:! I am setting up a shrimp tank (31 litres) - have put in this Fluval Shrimp stratum so - first question- how do you stop plants "floating" out of it - find it really difficult to plant in - if use tweezers just seem to...
  17. JCollier420

    Open for criticism.

    First fish tank in 5 years. Im looking for criticism and advice on my tank. Like what other plants to add etc.