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java fern

  1. Gill


    As I have setup my Office desk now. Just waiting on the Custom Keyboard, mouse and Desk Mat to arrive. Thought it would be a good time to set this teeny thing up again. No Heating as never have used them in this. And room temp has been fine. Sumped as Normal - Sponges + Bio Balls + Ceramic...
  2. DutchMuch

    Java Fern 'Windelov' Emersed

    So i have been growing this plant emersed for a few months now, with great success. Which i find strange since i kind of just threw it in the setup since i didnt have room for it in the tank (came with a shrimp order). I must say, i like it more when its emersed than submersed. It's very neat...
  3. Kalum

    Rivers Edge - ADA 45P - planted and filled

    After initially having my halfmoon rosetail betta in his own tank and moving him to a peaceful community tank I've decided while he seems happy, he definitely enjoyed being on his own more so this will be tailored to him, plus it satisfies my MTS.... Simple low tech mini jungle theme with...
  4. Sudipto

    Java Fern Plantlet Question - when do they drop off?

    I have some very healthy Java ferns and several of the leaves are sprouting new plantlets from their tips. My question is, at what stage do they drop off the mother leaf on their own? These plantlets are growing for the last two months or so. Perhaps more. One of them has at least 12 small...
  5. Steven c

    Java fern

    Hi guys, is there a common reason for Java fern leaves turning black n crusty? I'm guessing there could be a 101 reasons? Enjoy your weekend