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  1. jaypeecee

    Snail ID?

    Hi Folks, Can anyone help me identify the attached snail photo? My first thought was some form of Ramshorn - for obvious reasons. But, Ramshorns seem to carry their shell vertically - upright. This snail that I have inherited (one of many) is a horizontal creature (including shell). I don't...
  2. bettaguy

    My favourite shrimp are simple cherry shrimp!

    My all time favourite shrimp is the simple cherry shrimp!
  3. Bumblefish

    Severe Ich Infestation In Planted Tank With Clear Silicone Joints And Inverts

    Hi guys. New to forums etc. Live a bit off the grid! Tank started 4 months ago. Cardinals, rummynose, saes, ottos, amanos, rcs and some ramshorn snails. All was going well. Plants had settled in nicely and then I saw a golden nugget plec (my favourite) for the first time in 15 years at a lfs in...
  4. Fiske

    Red & Green - End of days?

    So my former tank ended like this I finally got my bits and bobs together and set about correcting it. First, remove plants and shrimp: The horror... Now clean it up, and wash your gravel: Hardscape in 5 mins (literally): Plants: Detail: The specifics: ADA 45P Aquasky 403...
  5. Robbie X

    Inverts for Nothobranchius guentheri tank

    Hi all, could I get some recomendations for suitable inverts for a 28L low tech planted Nothobranchius guentheri tank. Many thanks..:)
  6. Victor

    shrimps and blue-green algae

    Hi, guys! I wonder to put some red crystals shrimps in my tank but it's infested with blue green-algae (cyanobacteria). I'm worried because I don't know whether this algae are toxic to shrimp or not. It's safe to keep this animals in this aquarium or they could eat the cyanobacteria and to die...
  7. Kyle Lambert

    Flourish Excel and inverts...

    so i have a few cherry shrimps and assasins snails in my tank and i was contemplating dosing flourish excel to my tank to give plant growth a big spurt. Is it toxic to the inverts i have in there? or am i ok to go ahead and dose it anyway? I know i cant use liquid fertilizers because of the...
  8. George Farmer

    CRS photos, including babies

    My CRS are breeding. I have about 30 babies. :) Here's a few shots of the adults and their children.
  9. George Farmer

    Sulawesi shrimp experiences

    Hi all, I'm thinking of setting up a Sulawesi shrimp tank soon. I realise they need 'weird' water conditions i.e. high pH and temp, low mineral content etc. but can anyone provide me with their experiences or point me to some appropriate links etc. Cheers, George
  10. dmachado

    Planted nano - 28L invert aquarium

    This one was setup 3 months ago, the lighting is LED about 8W. The plants love the light! No CO2 and minimal fertilization. I am thinking about adding some more leds to get algae growing for the caridina japonica... Cheers.