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  1. Christoffer

    Can Cory live in my water?

    Hi, i just a week ago 7 guppys, and next time I shall have fish, I'm going for some Corydoras paleatus - Pepper Cory, what is my water to Hash ? Water: Kh : 12 GH : 14 Ph 8 Ammonia : 0 Nitrit : 0 Nitrat : 18 Temperature: 26 C Tank: 350 liters. Hardscape: Seiryu Rock Roots Moss CO2: No co2...
  2. Ryouku2015

    Ideal Water Parameters

    Hi I have a 240l tank that I have now converted to a high tech planted tank. Ive decided to use RO water and remineralise as my tap water is terrible (about 60-80ppm nitrate and very hard water) and have been deciding on what parameters to aim for and so far ive settled on a pH of 7, GH of 6...
  3. Gaina

    Does Florabase Pro lower Gh?

    Forgive me if this question has been asked elsewhere, I had a look around but couldn't find anything. Does Florabase Pro lower Gh when it 'sets' your PH? I'm on day 7 of my fishless cycle and the pH is steadily dropping towards 6 as indicated on the Florabase packaging (currently 6.4), but my...
  4. Jun Xhu

    General Hardness

    Is it the level of CO2 solubility can affect the GH level?
  5. SalvadorNL

    Should I use RO water

    hello UKAPS, I am a new member an have posted a short introduction in the new members section. In short I am in the process of setting up a hi-tech planted community tank in a Fluval Roma 200.But in the past have always done lo-tech tanks. Now I have a question about the hard water in...