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  1. Aleron

    Journal Biotope of Chorhun river (Crimea, Ukraine)

    Greetings from Ukraine! Here, as promised to Tim Harrison, I start a new thread dedicated to the European temperate freshwater biotopes. And let me introduce my first project - biotope of the Chorhun river in Ukrainian Crimea. This project is special to me as I explored and reproduced the...
  2. Matt_S

    Help please! Aquatic society support for a 2-day event in the UK 10/11th May 2023

    I have been given a complimentary 3mx3m stand at an event at the Coventry Building Society Arena on 10th & 11th May 2023. The event is actually for Global Research & Innovation in Plastics Recycling (GRIPS 2023). You might wonder what on earth this has to do with UKAPS, but there is a...
  3. N

    Hello from Indonesia

    Hi folks, Nice to meet you all. I had a marine tank long time ago before the internet and I remembered how difficult it was to start and after two years there was a catastrophe and all fishes died. Then I abandoned the hobby. I didn't know about New Tank Syndrome or Old Tank Syndrome back...
  4. AKD594

    Sumps for freshwater planted aquaria

    Just a question regarding sumps. Why are they not used much in freshwater aquaria? Thanks
  5. Joel Smith

    Lighting Help Please

    Hey folks, Just signed up, laying down my first post, and in need of help. I run a 90gal tank 48"Lx18"Dx24"H. Hooked up to it is a Rena filstar XP3 canister filter, semi-auto CO2 system, and then my light is a Fluval 32W Ultra light LED strip light. I have a variety of plants requiring...