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  1. Ullalaaqua

    140l project - Driftwood dominated Nature Aquarium

    Again here sharing my latest project. The tank I’m currently working at is 70x45x45cm. Those of you who have followed my aquascaping journey from the beginning know, that this is the tank where I made my very first aquascape in 2020. This scape is gonna be the second and last one in this tank...
  2. F

    Dry start wood mould

    Hi all, simple question really (hopefully). I have some small bits of wood that I am dry starting in a very humid closed terrarium, it has developed a fuzz like mould or fungus all over one side. Could this hurt Java Moss or Anubis? Could it hurt any of the other semi aquatic aquarium plants...
  3. C

    Preparing wood for a tank

    Hi, I brought some wood from a aquarium shop last weekend and want to get it ready for my tank. It was slightly moldy so I soked both peices in boiling water for 20mins and left them to soak in cold water over night. Is this enough or do you think I should do something else to the wood? Thank...
  4. Kalum

    Buce Drift - now 11 buce varieties strong

    So my learning curve continues a year in and i'm re-scaping my main tank. I'm starting to find out what i do and don't like and learned a lot about composition from my smaller 45P tank which i love and looking back at how this tank started out. Made a lot of mistakes along the way but it's all...
  5. Kalum

    Wood that doesn't release tannins?

    Looking for a small piece of wood to finish my tank but I'm not a fan of tannins or tinted water at all I know as wood decays and rots it's bound to release something into the water in time but does anyone know of any wood that is low tannins? Preferably in the look of driftwood and not roots
  6. iDigit

    Hardscape wood

    Hello all, I am in the process of setting up a Trigon 190 tank. I have decided on wood as my hardscape base underpinned by some rock. I saw some very nice wood at ridiculous prices at sevceral of my local FS and discovered that the wood was grape vine stems. I have free and random access...
  7. saifali

    These Driftwood pieces something you would put in your planted tank ?

    Saw these at the local stores , just wondering if you guys would pay $60 each for these pieces and put it in your planted tanks ? If so which one would you choose , Any Ideas? Do you guys like any of these?
  8. saifali

    2015 Dragonstone / Driftwood setup - Help

    Hello all , I am new to tanks . I plan on doing a extreme tank setup . I had revamped this tank as before it was filled with colorful gravel , ornaments. I tried a simple look here with rocks ( tried the Iwagumi style ) along with Driftwood log piece and 3 real plants. Now , if any of you...
  9. Aqua Hero

    Aquascape: Edens Gate

    i thought i would just show my new aquascape aquascape: Edens Gate Tank: 61 x 41 x 58 Juwel Lido 30 UK Gallons Lights: Odyssea Quad T5HO Unit, 2 x 24W 6400K Bulbs, 2 x 24W IQuatics Plant Growth Bulbs. 9 hours per day Substrate: ADA Aqua Soil Amazonia mixed with ADA Power Sand, White Sand...
  10. Aqua Hero

    Where can i buy aquarium bonsai driftwood in the UK

    i tried shrimp corner but all their wood was out of stock so i was wondering if there is another place i can buy it from
  11. Crossocheilus

    Look what I found in MA!

    So today I went to my local MA to get some mini blood worms which they ran out of and instead walked away with this:What do think of that? I was amazed to get such a nice couple of pieces from MA, it cost me £17 not too bad I think.
  12. BoneDrop

    London Plane branches use in aquarium?

    Hello, this is my first post after lurking for a while, and i was wondering can you use London plane branches as driftwood? I am talking about the Platanus genus, i have read that they naturally grow in riparian and wetland habitats and their roots are resistant to rot... They grow all over my...
  13. Alastair

    1300 litre chocolate lake

    I thought id get under way with starting my newest journal as its only a few weeks away until its here. I cant think of a name as yet but im sure it will be something with 'chocolate' in :D.. :rolleyes::rolleyes: I was originally going to have it acrylic and bigger in size but I would...
  14. Ady34

    NAtural Jurassic....shaky video p17.

    Hello, thought it about time i started my new journal....title tbc. After recently purchasing a 100cm x 50cm x 50cm Natural Aquario rimless, braceless optiwhite tank with light unit and stand from fellow member Radik via the forum sales section, i thought id share my experiences. Many thanks...
  15. Antoni

    The Forest floor - Tropica aquascape New pics

    Hi everybody, after taking down my 20 l scape the Hare hill after Christmas, I have started a new aquascape with plants and substrate, kindly provided by Tropica. The tank has been set up in the beginning of February and is now about 2 months old. Spec: 20 l Boyo nano tank with filter...