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critique my aquascape

  1. Marios

    Critique my hardscape

    Hi all, I am currently awaiting for my cabinet to arrive and decided to experiment with my scape while waiting. I would appreciate if I can have your comments and/or suggestions. FYI, the TV will be lifted a further 30 cm to give some space for the lighting unit (Chihiros WRGB 2), which...
  2. Peppie71

    Critique my aquascape Nanocube 60 first aquascape

    I started this scape 5 months ago. Tank: Dennerle Nanocube 60 Lighting: 2x Chihiros 30 RGB Filtration: Eheim 3 250T Aqua medic Reefdoser CO2 injection via an inline diffusor Plants: Helanthium tennellum Heteranthera Zosterifolia Hemianthus callitrichoides 'Cuba' Rotala 'Vietnam H'ra' I got...