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co2 reactor

  1. MMonis

    CO2 Reactor for small tank..which ones?

    I am thinking of switching to an external CO2 reactor, as my existing NEO intank diffuser has started sending out larger bubbles even after the bleach cleaning method. This is also causing my external canister filter to burp often as the diffuser is close to the intake of the filter. Also a lot...
  2. R

    CO2 reactors

    I've in tank diffusers and very quickly made the switch to an inline diffuser and had better results, but I’m getting to the point now where I can’t stand the really fine micro bubbles of CO2. Have any of you used CO2 reactors to limit this and can you recommend any? I know Aquamedic make a CO2...
  3. Marc Davis

    How To: DIY co2. Secret Formula

    Hi guys, I'm sure you all know how to make co2, but i made this video to help newcomers to planted tanks. With such an easy way to make co2 and the massive impact it has on your plants, it should be a must for most planted tanks (that have any decent depth to them). I know i found this forum...
  4. Chris Jackson

    Very High Efficiency Reactor Design

    Hi All, Here's a mark one version of something inspired by Tom Barr's and Cerges reactor designs that I've come up with that I'm quite pleased with. The amount of gas burping I was getting from my existing bio ball filled reactor seemed wasteful and was bugging me and after some pondering I...
  5. Zak Rafik

    Changed to a Sera Co2 Reactor 1000. Gave up on inline diffuser for my planted tank.

    Hi everyone, It has happened again. :eek: First I noticed my plants shedding its leaves and then a sudden burst of green spot algae on most of the plants. Having experienced this a few weeks ago, I noted that the size of Co2 bubbles from the inline diffuser via the spraybar were bigger than...
  6. Nick_593

    Common problem with DIY FE?. Danger to fish and cylinder?

    Hi guys. I have had several occurrences where a huge surge of CO2 comes out of my DIY FE system (the Fire Extinguisher) when the levels of CO2 get too low in the FE. This has resulted in CO2 overdose in the tank, and the regulator freezing and becoming covered in ice. I have never been there...
  7. gary smith

    my new 50 cm cube 2 days old

  8. Alastair

    DIY Project Co2 reactor build for Fluval FX5

    Following an earlier thread regarding my interest in building a DIY reactor for a FX5 filter, I've now taken the plunge and ordered all parts necessary with some help from Mr Ed Seeley (thanks mate). The parts have arrived And this is what I've received. 1. 1 meter of 2 inch PVC pipe (metric)...