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co2 atomizer

  1. Nathanh2150

    Co2 art

    Hi all, This is my first time with a co2 art rig and I noticed that it’s gone into the red I understand the co2 is running low but how low should i let it run into the red before changing the bottle ? Advice much appreciated
  2. Carbondioxide

    Inline diffuser - the first few days...

    One thing to note when first setting up a brand new inline diffuser is this... It is absolutely normal to find your new diffuser producing some large bubbles. This is a natural process our ceramic membrane goes through unitil all the pores on the membrane are open. This whole process may take...
  3. Conort2

    In tank or external diffuser

    Hi Currently have an external qanvee atomiser, this works well and have no issues however I am rather lazy when it comes to cleaning it and is abit of a pain to clean if I’m honest. This laziness probably causes my co2 to drop off at times which can be an issue. Thinking of switching to an...
  4. peaches

    How do I know if my drop checker is working?

    I set up my CO2 yesterday so it has been hooked up for 24 hours approx. but I turned it off overnight. Today it came on at 10am. I have experimented with position of atomiser but have left the drop checker alone. The water is still fairly dark blue, but I decided to test my pH with my API...
  5. algae_connoisseur

    Advise needed on Bubble counter water

    Hi, iv kept tanks a long time, through the years learnt a lot through trial and error. I don't consider myself a guru I'm still learning as we all are. Recently I encountered a problem with melt. Literally every plant was affected and I had not changed my routine for years I was puzzled... I...
  6. Aqua Hero

    thinking of switching to UP inline diffuser

    So im thinking of buying an inline diffuser for better co2 diffusion. has anyone bought this particular one of ebay before...
  7. aaron.c

    Inline diffusers... show us your bubbles!

    Hey All Those that use inline diffusers, how often are you cleaning them? I have just replaced the ceramic insert in mine and bubbles are back to being on the big side after only a coupe of weeks. I am convinced they are too big and are cuasing my CO2 to be sub par. I could just up the...
  8. Mark D

    Inline Atomizer and inline heaters

    Can you use an inline atomizer on the same filter outlet pipe as an inline heater? If you can I am guessing the heater should be before the atomizer. Is that correct?