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co2 art

  1. Carbondioxide

    Things are different now - 6-way Splitter vs Pro Elite regulator

    Back in 2014, we offered some products that are no longer available today. One of which was the regulator splitter. A device designed to split the flow of co2 from the regulator to allow the user to inject co2 into multiple aqauriums. This was a great tool. with each connection having an...
  2. Nathanh2150

    Co2 art

    Hi all, This is my first time with a co2 art rig and I noticed that it’s gone into the red I understand the co2 is running low but how low should i let it run into the red before changing the bottle ? Advice much appreciated
  3. T

    CO2 Working Pressure

    Hi All, I'd really appreciate some advise from the CO2 experts! I've just installed my first CO2 reg (CO2 Art Pro SE) using the Sodastream system (space saving for now!). Running at 1 bubble/2 seconds in a 55l heavily planted cube as a starting point. All working, no apparent leaks, but I...
  4. Nathanh2150


    Thanks for everyone’s help with my co2 enquiry cannot wait to start getting my tank all prepped and ready 🙃
  5. R

    Regulating co2 working pressure

    I am hoping someone can assist with the following problem. First of all, I am very new to this, so I could be doing something very simple wrong. I recently bought a CO2 art regulator, and I am having a very difficult time using the working pressure knob – notably reducing the pressure to...
  6. hypnogogia

    Inline diffuser question

    I have the co2 art inline diffuser on the pressure side of external filter. Should I be seeing misting coming out of the inflow, or should the co2 completely dissolve by the time it reaches the tank? Also, given that the return is near the water surface, how do I get it distributed throughout...
  7. Carbondioxide

    Are you in, or our?

    What is your preferred method of diffusing CO2 in your aquarium?
  8. Aqua Hero

    Co2 tubing keeps popping off

    Hello, I've run into a really annoying issue with my regulator. The stupid c02 tubing keeps popping off the push fitting. I had my psi set to 40 and I'm using an intank bazooka diffuser. Is there a way to remove the push fit and replace it with a lock screw fitting instead?
  9. Kalum

    Co2 Supermarket Dual Stage Regulator - opinions?

    Anyone had any experience of the older Co2Supermarket dual stage regulators? They don't sell these anymore and have replaced them with a different version so struggling to find any info on it. Been offered one for a good price after I've been looking at the Co2 Art ones (brand new) and just...
  10. Lola15

    Newbie from East London looking for CO2 and aquascaping advice

    Hi everyone! I'm planning on purchasing a Juwel Lido 200 next week. It will be the first time I've used CO2 and tried to aquascape. Any tips for a beginner? My dad and I have always kept aquariums but this CO2 introduction has made me nervous! If anyone knows a decent place to purchase gas...
  11. thdesilva2000

    CO2 Art

    All, There is an FB update saying CO2 Art is no longer accepting orders. Does anyone know what is up? I recently bought some expensive kit off them and am afraid there will not be anyone to honour their guarantee.
  12. M

    Pressure drop with solenoid off overnight.

    Hello all, I have an issue which I'm not too sure of the cause particularly. I thought it was a leak at first so to eliminate this I ran the CO2 tube directly to the tank from the needle valve. I start with 30PSI working pressure at 2bps, this can run all day long without any stability issues...
  13. D

    Which CO2 System

    Am looking to buy my first CO2 system for a Juwel Rio 180l. My lfs has the JBL pro flora M 1003 system on offer for £250. It's comes with a ph controller, 2kg cylinder, regulator etc. I wanted to ask if anyone has experience of this system and if they rate it well or not? does the ph...
  14. Aronnie

    Co2 Working Pressure

    Hi I have a dual stage regulator from co2 Art with adjustable working pressure but whenever I adjust the needle valve to get more bubbles per second my working pressure decreases meaning I have to increase the working pressure again. Is this correct? Thanks Aron