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  1. J

    DIY Project 120cm cabinet DIY

    Moving tanks, from a 100cm /180l Jewel tank with cabinet to a 120cm / 280l from APS means that I need to built a cabinet. I've never done the like before, so trawled the threads here for designs. As well as 18mm MDF, I've gone for a 34mm batons internal frame to allay my concerns of the weight...
  2. D

    Extremely Easy ADA Style 60cm DIY Cabinet

    This is extremely easy, looks on par with the ADA cabinets with a fraction of the cost. In my opinion, the wooden accents down the side of the cabinet makes it looks slightly better, but that is down to taste. Parts list Cabinet Finn 60 x 75cm Free Standing Cabinet by Fackelmann Fackelmann...
  3. M

    Cabinet diy for Aquascaper 900

    Hi All, would you please have a look at my cabinet design for Aquascaper 900. Just a simple - standard stand, although I thought It's a good idea to show it here before building. I've built my previous cabinet for Ada 60 out of mdf. This time because the aquarium is bigger I'm going to use 18mm...
  4. Zak Rafik

    Is this safe? o_O

    Hi everyone :) I hope to get some advice or experience from the members here. Thanx in advance:thumbup:. So here goes..... I'm planning to get a solid wood cabinet (L:4ft x B:2ft x H:2.5ft) from a buddy of mine who had previously used it for a 4ft planted tank. The cabinet is in good condition...
  5. dav1dk1ng

    TMC Signature Stand & ADA 60H (60x45x45)

    I'm in the market for a brand new setup - looking for a minimal design tank and cabinet. The tank size I've set my sights on is 600x450x450mm, but having realised that the TMC Signature tanks in this size are with black silicone only, I've now started looking at the ADA Cube Garden 60H. The ADA...
  6. F

    Build/Buy Oak Stand

    Hi, I'm looking to build or buy an oak stand for a three-foot 200 litre tank. I'm practical and not afraid of building one, but don't have any real experience woodworking and don't have many tools yet, although I can probably borrow a router and tablesaw. The Powers That Be have decreed...