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  1. Aquadistri UK LTD

    Aquafleur rare Behind scenes Tour with MD fish tanks and Fish Shop Matt

    Last week I travelled to Holland with @https://www.youtube.com/@MDFishTanks and @https://www.youtube.com/@FishShopMatt for a 'rare and unique behind-the-scenes tour.
  2. Eddie2006

    long roar 80cm aquascape

    hi everyone, my name is Eddie and i am 15 years old this is my current 80cm juwel rio 110 with pressurised co2 and twinstar 600cIII. The scape was inspired by a scape from @Shinobi named low roar ADA 90P - "Low Roar" it took me about 5 days for the hardscape and i planted it in about 3 hours...
  3. Earlscapes

    60 litre, low tech, planted comunity.

    So this will be my fourth attempt at scaping a tank after doing my nano cube twice, learnt alot with the first attempt and gained experience with positioning and soil depth that sort of thing. Then my 230ltr comunity, big bog wood peice with that jungle feel to it mainly easy grow plants. My...
  4. Boxerbrad

    Ideas for an 60x30x45

    Hi everyone, So after about 6 years out of the aquarium hobby I am looking to get back into it. I have my old jewel rekord 70 still in good condition and I'm thinking about getting my hands wet again :) Sadly I'm going to have to make ends meet with the old tank an go low tech due to budget...