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  1. aquacoen

    60-P amazon scape

    After three months of reading, waiting and reading my aquarium is finally getting shape. 12 years ago I had my first aquarium and I'm very glad I can pick up the wonderful aquarium hobby again! My plan is to make an amazon scape with lots of plants and one couple of dwarf cichlids. This week I...
  2. Kakarot

    Amazon feature fish? (not angels)

    Hey all! I'll be cycling my tank very shortly so i still have some time to decide...but I need some help from some wiser and more experienced fish keepers. I'd like to set up an Amazon themed aquarium, I have a 92 long x 50 high x 36 deep cm aquarium and i'd like a fish to contrast a shoal of...
  3. Kakarot

    Amazon blackwater biotope lighting 150L

    Hey all, I'm going to be setting up an Amazon blackwater biotope and was just curious if anyone has done a similar setup, I want the light to be focused in the centre of the aquarium with shaded/darker areas at both ends. I still need to build a double aquarium stand so it's going to be a few...
  4. A

    South American Flowering Plants?

    Hi, I have a 240l SA biotope which has an array of Amazon Sword species. I am ordering some Vallisneria and Hemianthus Callitrichoides but I have been searching for flowering SA plants. Are there any good suggestions? Regards, Alfie
  5. R

    Amazon biotope

    I'm setting up a amazon biotope and I'm looking for plants I can have in it. It's going to be a dirted tank with no co2 and it's going to be my first dirted tank and the first tank I've done that's going to be properly planted with more than hopefully 3 different kinds of plants any help or...
  6. TheAmazonGuy

    My Amazon tank

  7. iPlantTanks

    Fry in the Stream

    Most of my plants came today so could help starting this journal. I'm converting my bare bottom fry tank into a mini aquascape, and for a change I've gone for a stream/river look. I've ordered some lovely looking sumatran driftwood that look like fallen branches and roots. A mixture of java and...