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  1. Ryouku2015

    Ideal Water Parameters

    Hi I have a 240l tank that I have now converted to a high tech planted tank. Ive decided to use RO water and remineralise as my tap water is terrible (about 60-80ppm nitrate and very hard water) and have been deciding on what parameters to aim for and so far ive settled on a pH of 7, GH of 6...
  2. scoobiemandan

    Stag Horn Algae....arggghhhh!

    I seem to be having a problem with unhealthy plants and stag horn algae in my aquarium which I can't seem to eradicate! First off; Tank specifications - Fluval Roma 240 Lighting - T8 40w x2 (Power Glo and Aqua Glow) Daily photoperiod - Currently 6 hours split 50/50 (3 hour gap) CO2 - Liquid...
  3. naughtymoose

    Hobgoblin's Cave 240L

    This is my first attempt at a big tank, and my first attempt at a 'proper' aquascape. I'll call it 'Hobgoblin's Cave' because I like Hobgoblin beer.. and I might have to have a secret emergency stash of it hidden below the tank! Starting Specs: Fluval Roma 240L Fluval 306 filter x 2 Filter...
  4. naughtymoose

    240L tank filtration problem

    Only my second post folks. Please be gentle... I will shortly be getting a 240L Fluval Roma. My plan was to use the supplied Fluval 306 and add a 206 with spray bar, possibly also adding a Koralia 1600 shooting right to left (with the flow from the 306) Q: Would it be better to scrap this and...