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  1. J

    DIY Project 120cm cabinet DIY

    Moving tanks, from a 100cm /180l Jewel tank with cabinet to a 120cm / 280l from APS means that I need to built a cabinet. I've never done the like before, so trawled the threads here for designs. As well as 18mm MDF, I've gone for a 34mm batons internal frame to allay my concerns of the weight...
  2. D

    4ft X 1ft X 1.5ft light recommendation

    Dear all, This is my first post, although I have lurked on this forum many times for helpful advice and inspiration. I have a tank in my classroom and the lighting unit has stopped working. It was a Hagen t5 unit which I had retrofitted onto an old metal hood, however, the shape of the hood...
  3. MrHidley

    James' 4ft Rainbow Refuge

    Hi all, A relative was going to bin this tank, so I took it on. Didn't want to spend too much money so built the stand out of concrete blocks and plywood. The sides and back were painted black apart from one chunk of the back pane for some reason, so I decided to paint that bit myself rather...
  4. Antoni

    Under the manzi roots - Antoni's new 120cm - hardscape in the making

    Hi guys, Have been working on this hardscape for some time, but due to lots of other projects and assignments, haven't quite finished it yet. Probably will refine some details and finish it after the Aquascaping Experience on the 5th of March :) Tank: Optiwhite 120x50x50 cm Hardscape: full...
  5. naughtymoose

    Hobgoblin's Cave 240L

    This is my first attempt at a big tank, and my first attempt at a 'proper' aquascape. I'll call it 'Hobgoblin's Cave' because I like Hobgoblin beer.. and I might have to have a secret emergency stash of it hidden below the tank! Starting Specs: Fluval Roma 240L Fluval 306 filter x 2 Filter...
  6. Brian Murphy

    The Journey

    I have been waiting to start a journal that I can be proud of and I still hope that it works out for me after gaining valuable knowledge on Ukaps. Like alot of people into aquascaping I couldn't afford a new ADA or NA set-up, so decided to look further afield and found a potential supplier in...
  7. Josh Harrington

    LED options for low tech 120cm tank

    At the end of last year I had to strip down my high tech 120cm tank to get new heating fitted and after many months I have the bug again but not to maintain a high tech tank so will go with a low tech setup this time. So my question is does anyone have any low tech options for LED lights. The...