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  1. GHNelson

    Product Review Cillit Bang Bang!!!

    Amazing what you can do with a bit of Cillit Bang!!! :happy::eek:
  2. GHNelson

    Aquarium cabinet 90cm tall.

    Hi Crew I'm looking for a cabinet for my Dennerle Scapers Tank! It's got to be 90cm tall 40cm wide as it will be in the hall...Silver Grey or Grey colour! Any ideas would be appreciated! hoggie
  3. GHNelson

    Oase Heatup 100w

    Hi Crew Has anyone purchased the above and did you receive a holder with the suction cups and the temperature calibrator tool? Cheers hoggie
  4. GHNelson

    JBL Regulator!

    Hi Everyone I purchased the above regulator a few years back from a member. There was an attached adapter, which I removed. I wish to use this regulator on Disposable Co2 bottles! I noticed there was a grove inside the reg, running up the threads is this normally on a JBL regulator? I can't...
  5. GHNelson

    Safety concerns!!! Non Standard UK Plugs and Adapters!

    More Safety nightmares!:eek: Non-fused UK power cord/plug! Stay Safe!
  6. GHNelson

    Safety concerns!!! Adapters supplied with Electrical items!

    Dear Members A number of members have raised concerns regarding the safety integrity of some adapters supplied with various electrical items! These usually come with the not so expensive goods from the Far East! Most of us have had them included with a purchased item for use in the...
  7. GHNelson

    Product Review Eheim MultiBox!!!

    Thumbs up:thumbup: to Konrad...who gave me the info on this useful piece of kit, he used in the For Sale Section. Fed-up with using all sorts of meal trays and plastic vessels for the weekly plant/aquarium maintance! Purchase one of these babies:thumbup: Not a lot to say:D...….. pictures speak...
  8. GHNelson

    Hettich Cabinet Hinge....... Resolved!

    Hi Crew I need some assistance in sourcing one of these hinges for a door in my kitchen which encloses the washing machine. Or something equivalent........;)...im not sure what part number it is 2333 looks about right but I'm not that sure. I know there is a few joiners/cabinet/kitchen fitters...
  9. GHNelson

    ADA Regulator!

    Hi Crew Is there a adaptor available to convert this ADA regulator to accept Soda Stream bottles! Cheers hoggie
  10. GHNelson

    Plant Tweezers!

    Hi Crew Lost my fine tipped tweezers:( used for single stem plantlets! Can anyone point me in the right direction for a replacement. Cheers hoggie
  11. GHNelson

    Scaper's tank from Dennerle 50 litre!

    Hi Crew Going to order one of these to replace my Do Aqua! Can anyone give me a idea of the cabinet or cabinets that's available for this tank? The tank itself is 45cm long x 31cm high x 36cm front to back! Cheers hoggie
  12. GHNelson

    Black Out/In Filter pipes.

    Hi Crew Anyone know where i can get a set of 12/16mm pipes from? Not Eheims....these are for a 12 litre tank. Cheers hoggie
  13. GHNelson

    Servicing Co2 Cylinders

    Hi Crew Anyone know who can do a check one these (Non fire extinguisher) cylinders. I've got a few leaking turn valves that need replaced or repaired. hoggie
  14. GHNelson

    Reptile Heat Mat

    Hi Crew I was think of getting a mat for my bedside 20cm cube nano. Was gonna stick 4 rubber feet on the bottom of the cube and attach the mat to the bottom. It says its 5 watts will this get the water temperature up to a reasonable level for shrimp/plants. The mats 6x6 inches. Cheers hoggie
  15. GHNelson

    Dennerle light.

    Hi gang Does anyone know how to remove this plastic collar around this light tube? :? Ive received a cheaper replacement...without the collar. Cheers hoggie
  16. GHNelson

    Check Valves

    Hi gang Ive been searching for some decent check valves. What do you think :arrow: http://uk.rs-online.com/web/p/fittings- ... 381981|cav http://uk.rs-online.com/web/p/fittings- ... 381981|cav Cheers hoggie
  17. GHNelson

    Filter Tubing

    Hi gang Where can I order some 16/22mm clear or smokey grey tubing from. Cheers hoggie
  18. GHNelson

    DIY Air Driven Dosing Pump.

    Hi gang@ukaps. Ive been toying with the above idea for a while...........to dose my 36 litre Arc Tank. Components needed. 1 Lock and Seal 1.9 Litre canister. 1 Air pump. I sponge filter air uplift tube. 2 Bulkhead 6mm push-fit connectors. 4 3/4 inch rubber washers. 1 Piece of 12mm/16mm tubing...
  19. GHNelson

    Heater suggestions.

    Hi gang I'm about to set up a 30 litre nano for my mates kids...I need to purchase a heater I want something thats reliable and easy to hide and safe. I was looking at this on ebay http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/Hydor-Theo-Aquari ... 335bbee8bf Any thoughts......... has anyone bought one? Should i get a...
  20. GHNelson

    Perspex cut to size.

    Hi gang@ukaps Was doing a bit of trawling,found this site. http://www.theplasticpeople.co.uk/index.php I think it will come in useful. hoggie
  21. GHNelson

    Non Return Valves/Needle Valves

    Hi gang@ukaps Can anyone tell me if these are okay for Co2 and what type size to order. http://www.airlines-pneumatics.co.uk/we ... de=S070136 The usual ones are not up to the mark in my opinion they keep failing. Also these needle valves would they be okay for a Co2 set up and which type size...
  22. GHNelson

    Co2 Cylinders.

    Hi Planters A question if you turn off a cylinder that's half full of Co2,obviously with the thumb wheel. Shut it down. Then turn it back on a few weeks later will that cause problems to the regulator that's attached to the cylinder? Any information would be highly appreciated. hoggie
  23. GHNelson

    JBL Reg Fault m001

    Hi gang at ukaps I tried to turn on my C02 cylinder and it vented through the excess pressure safety valve. It has not been in use for a few weeks,the regulator was still attached to the cylinder. Have i a major fault with either?This is a new regulator it was okay a few weeks ago. Any help...
  24. GHNelson

    Internal Heaters (top quality)

    Hi Planters I am about to purchase a 75watt heater can anyone recommend a quality item. I have purchased tetractec in the past the build is good quality, but they tend to stick now and again. Looking for something that's a good build more reliable and accurate with shut off included. Thanks all...
  25. GHNelson

    Fire extinguisher push valve

    Hi all Found this hand wheel valve to re-place the push valve on FEs http://gascylindersuk.co.uk/store/catal ... 0a6aa5b6b8 Some may be interested. Need to check out the thread size for proper fitting. hoggie