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  1. GHNelson

    Is this good co2?

  2. GHNelson

    Best Co2 hose/tubing!

    Hi Thanks for the input guys! Ive ordered some Co2 Art hose....then I will add a small piece of silicone for the acrylic/glass diffusers! I didn't want to do this....as I wanted one continuous piece of soft flex hose but couldn't source grey in the ADA set, so beggars cant be choosers...
  3. GHNelson

    Best Co2 hose/tubing!

    Hi John I don't think the black tubing is soft flex but the clear set probably is! ADA do this set in grey which I would prefer. Cheers!
  4. GHNelson

    Best Co2 hose/tubing!

    Cheers Got a link Konrad!
  5. GHNelson

    Best Co2 hose/tubing!

    I purchased a length of Dennerle Crystal Line CO2 Hose Black , in September. I thought this would be similar too the green soft flex stuff. Nope stiff.....:( Tried using it keeps splitting on the nipple of the bubble counter.....must be old stock! :mad: Can anyone recommend some Co2 soft flex...
  6. GHNelson

    Drop checker / PH values not aligning

    Looks Green to me! hoggie
  7. GHNelson

    CO2 generator kits - any good?

    Hi Where does it come out? The regulator needs have a good seal onto the fire extinguisher! Can you upload an Image of the set-up!
  8. GHNelson

    Co2 diffuser size

    Hi You don't put water inside the diffuser! That diffuser was probably on a timer and had been switched off..... and water has seeped into the chamber! Best if you soak the new diffuser in water for a few hours this will help to let the Co2 out!
  9. GHNelson

    CO2 generator kits - any good?

    Used one in this journal....you can always keep it as a backup if you run out of Fire extinguisher/cylinder Co2! https://www.ukaps.org/forum/threads/dennerle-scapers-tank-35-litre-the-red-ring.62166/#smileyfood1 hoggie
  10. GHNelson

    Water Trickling Back into CO2 Lines

    Hi You mean the Bubble Counter! Drop Checker goes in the aquarium to monitor Co2 levels;) Those plastic check valves are not much good...they tend to fail. Try moving the Check Valve just above the Bubble counter for the time being. Purchase a couple of better quality valves like below. hoggie
  11. GHNelson

    Reuse the disposable nano co2 cylinders?

    JBL Bio Co2 set! https://www.aquasabi.com/JBL-ProFlora-Bio-80 hoggie
  12. GHNelson

    JBL v002 losing pressure

    Hi You don't say what size the cylinders you have used up? If the working pressure needle is pulsating or moving slightly up and down you have a leak in the Co2 tubing line.
  13. GHNelson

    Flooded inline diffuser?

    Yes, I used to run my JBL regulators at 2.25 bar! hoggie
  14. GHNelson

    Co2 OCD!

    Need a U bend! Available in glass also. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Aquarium-Tank-CO2-Diffuser-Stainless-Steel-U-Shaped-Tube-Pipe-Bend-Connector-UK/383783865517?hash=item595b4d0cad:g:A~oAAOSwYX9fmQTP hoggie
  15. GHNelson

    CO2 gas cylinder help

  16. GHNelson

    CO2 gas cylinder help

    Did you open the valve fully when attached to the regulator?
  17. GHNelson

    CO2 gas cylinder help

    Strange! The valve might be faulty.
  18. GHNelson

    CO2 gas cylinder help

    That be about correct for a full cylinder of Co2! Have you tried opening the valve a little.....without the regulator on? Best doing it outside as it is a loud wooosh when opened!
  19. GHNelson

    CO2 gas cylinder help

    No! Can you weigh the cylinder!
  20. GHNelson

    JBL or Dennerle co2 system

    This might be an option....but you would have to pay a Royal Mail handling customs fees :( 2L Aquarium CO2 Generator System Kit, CO2 Stainless Steel Cylinder Generator System, Carbon Dioxide Reactor Kit for Plants Aquarium: Amazon.co.uk: Kitchen & Home hoggie
  21. GHNelson

    Where can i get a big bottle of drop checker solution??

    100ml CO2 drop checker test solution - monitor levels of CO2 in your Aquarium | eBay Aqua Rebell - CO2 Check - 30 mg/l - 250 ml - Aquasabi
  22. GHNelson

    co2 drop checker colour

    The above colour is adequate for plants....as I mentioned before be carefully when adding any livestock! https://www.ukaps.org/index.php?page=co2-measurement-using-a-drop-checker hoggie
  23. GHNelson

    co2 drop checker colour

    Hi I wouldn't add fish if your aiming to achieve a Limeade coloured drop checker:( you may be asking for trouble! You could gas or stress your fish! If fish are coming from a similar Co2 aquarium environment there maybe less stress on the fish. Stick to the green colour for the time being, add...
  24. GHNelson

    Do you know this regulator?

    Hi I think if you contact the seller they will give you the information! I run JBL Bio with a Aquario Neo diffuser so best bet is purchasing one of them. https://www.aquasabi.com/AQUARIO-Neo-CO2-Diffusor-U-Type
  25. GHNelson

    Valve to Regulator airflow connection

    You need proper Co2 tubing....airline tubing is not suitable! hoggie
  26. GHNelson

    Valve to Regulator airflow connection

    Hi You need a piece of Co2 tubing from the regulator to the solenoid! Regulator> Co2 Tubing > Solenoid > Co2 tubing > Check Valve > Co2 tubing > Bubble counter > Co2 tubing > Check Valve > Diffuser.
  27. GHNelson


    This design is a few years old now....most members have moved on to use inline atomisers or diffusers that produce smaller bubbles! Like the AQUARIO Neo CO2 Diffuser.
  28. GHNelson

    Do you know this regulator?

    Although I've never owned one of these Aqua Medic regs! Just another point, you will need to select a diffuser that will run at 1.5bar as this working pressure is pre-set with this regulator, I think! hoggie🍻
  29. GHNelson

    Do you know this regulator?

    Hi All though you have an open and close knob on your reg. You can fine-tune your Co2 output with this valve! You just need to have all the valves open doing this;) hoggie
  30. GHNelson

    Do you know this regulator?

    Hi I don't think Co2 Art "one of our sponsors" has available separate solenoids for sale! Have a look at Co2 Supermarket....there are a few options within your budget;) hoggie
  31. GHNelson

    Do you know this regulator?

    Hi I would purchase a decent valve! You don't want it sticking on the open position and gasing your inhabitants:eek: There are loads out there...depends how much you want to spend;) hoggie
  32. GHNelson

    Do you know this regulator?

    :thumbup: Not bad quality those regs!;)
  33. GHNelson

    Do you know this regulator?

    Hi Looks like an Aqua Medic regulator :thumbup:
  34. GHNelson


    Hi Andrew Look for Aquili System CO2 Small System for Aquarium Set With Cylinder From 300 Gr The above is an Italian company, I had a small brass regulator set from the same company....which was pretty good quality! The reg screwed on the top of a Disposable Cylinder! The working pressure was...
  35. GHNelson

    Silly question about mixing equipment

    Hi You could use Liquid Carbon till you get your issues resolved! hoggie
  36. GHNelson

    Where to place an in-line diffuser?

    Hi Personally I've added it onto the outflow of the filter tubing! My reason is, you could potentially get gas trapped in the filter which could cause large bubbles coming out the spraybar or the lily pipe. Not sure about having a detrimental effect on the beneficial bacteria within the filter...
  37. GHNelson

    Has any one tried: Fesjoy Aquarium CO2 Generator System Kit?

    Hi Jonny The link you provided is for the cylinder only! ttps://www.amazon.co.uk/Aquarium-Generator-Stainless-Cylinder-Dioxide/dp/B07WD3W6BW/ref=psdc_471510031_t1_B083Z9TJX5?th=1 The above cylinder doesn't have a solenoid valve either. You may have to pay import fees also:eek: hoggie
  38. GHNelson

    Co2 cylinder adapter /extender

    Hi If you can upload a few photographs this will help! hoggie
  39. GHNelson

    Gas escaping between hose and diffuser

    Try soaking the diffuser in diluted bleach for a few hours.... then give a good rinse with fresh dechlorinated water!
  40. GHNelson

    Fluctuating gauge

    These are probably better quality valves.... so purchase a few in case one of these fails! Stainless Steel CO2 Non-Return Check Valve. hoggie
  41. GHNelson

    Co2 Measuring using a Drop Checker!

    CO2 Measurement Using A Drop Checker | UK Aquatic Plant Society (ukaps.org)
  42. GHNelson

    DIY CO2

    Hi There are... Bio Co2 products from the larger aquatic companies available! JBL/DENNERLE! These sold in kits... https://www.aquasabi.com/JBL-ProFlora-Bio-80 These are more stable, but obviously have short time limits producing Co2 compared with a 2KG extinguisher . There are various U Tube...
  43. GHNelson

    Inline diffuser orientation

    Yes mate....I would install one there also! Better safe than sorry!....;)
  44. GHNelson

    Inline diffuser orientation

    Hi Don't think it makes much difference! I install two non return Co2 check valves....one after the regulator and one before the diffuser! hoggie
  45. GHNelson

    Help with co2 for small tank

    Yea it probably is!....;)
  46. GHNelson

    Help with co2 for small tank

    Hi Simon No odour from the Co2 when running! hoggie
  47. GHNelson

    Help with co2 for small tank

    Hi Susanna You could always go down the Bio Co2 route! https://www.aquasabi.com/JBL-ProFlora-Bio-80 This application of Co2 last approximately 40 to 50 days. Switching to the https://www.aquasabi.com/AQUARIO-Neo-CO2-Diffusor-U-Type will help with better dissolution of the Co2! hoggie
  48. GHNelson

    Water drawback

    Hi A picture would be beneficial! hoggie
  49. GHNelson

    CO2 Drop Checker Solution

    Try the below method from another UKaps thread. This recipe has been given by Clive (ceg4840). So I am sure that the recipe works. Just mix 3 G of backing soda with 500 ml of distilled water. Then you just take 5 ml of this mixture you just made and mix with 245 ml of new distilled water. And...
  50. GHNelson

    Co2 diffuser just can take the pressure!

  51. GHNelson

    New Co2 Setup (Paintball)

    https://www.co2art.eu/collections/co2-accessories/products/advance-adapter-for-paintball-cylinder-for-use-with-standard-aquarium-co2-regulators Use with a standard regulator with solenoid...;) hoggie
  52. GHNelson

    Drop checker blue

    The clue could be with the above statement...the indicator solution maybe the answer! A picture of said purchase would help. hoggie
  53. GHNelson

    CO2 art flux diffuser not working correctly

    That type of Bazooka diffuser needs 2 bar to run efficiently minimum! hoggie
  54. GHNelson

    CO2 art flux diffuser not working correctly

    That's correct! But the diffuser doesn't...best add one before the diffuser also! This will stop...water entering the Co2 tubing....;) I always use 2 in case one fails...:) Cheers hoggie
  55. GHNelson

    CO2 art flux diffuser not working correctly

    Hi This diffuser doesn't have a check valve....;) So add one....or better 2...one just after the regulator,.....one before the diffuser. If you had a leak somewhere...I'm sure the working pressure gauge would fluctuate slightly! hoggie
  56. GHNelson

    Flooded inline diffuser?

    You will hear hissing...from the chamber that's normal...in my opinion! hoggie
  57. GHNelson

    Flooded inline diffuser?

    Hi MJW Try using the diluted washing up liquid method for Co2 leaks detection! hoggie
  58. GHNelson

    Flooded inline diffuser?

    Hi Didn't realise this diffuser had a attached bubble counter! hoggie
  59. GHNelson

    Flooded inline diffuser?

    Hi I've have used the UP inline diffusers and the Co2 chamber does fill with some water! Its pushed out once the Co2 is switched on! I use 2 Check valves....one about 20cm before the in line diffuser and one just after the regulator! The one before the UP diffuser seems to help keep the pressure...
  60. GHNelson

    Using CO2 Efficiently

    Hi You could add floating plants for more Co2 retention! hoggie
  61. GHNelson

    Alternatives to Inline Diffuser

    Ask, in the For Sale section....I'm sure someone will have a spare diffuser! hoggie
  62. GHNelson

    Cheap pressurised CO2 system DIY guide

    Ian...is correct on the above information my mistake!.....;):thumbup: hoggie
  63. GHNelson

    Cheap pressurised CO2 system DIY guide

    You would need a needle valve for very fine adjustment! hoggie
  64. GHNelson

    How do I know if my drop checker is working?

    Hi Yes! Purchase a All in One fluid! https://www.aquaessentials.co.uk/neutro-bromo-blue-100ml-p-2425.html?cPath=194_199 hoggie
  65. GHNelson

    Help with building a DIY CO2 please anyone?

    https://www.ukaps.org/forum/threads/my-best-low-tech-scape-so-far.38709/ hoggie
  66. GHNelson

    Is an inline reactor really better than an inline diffuser?

    Micro bubbles are a indicator where the Co2 is being dispersed around the aquarium.....so is a good thing in my experience! You can observe if you have a flow distribution problem easily when it comes to Co2 implementation! Plants love those little tiny micro bubbles clinging to their leaves...
  67. GHNelson

    What hose to use....

    It doesn't matter as long as it's a good fit! Ive used Soft flex Co2 tubing from the regulator and to the glassware! Denerel do a green version! I've had various opaque and clear soft flex Co2 tubing over the years! ADA...do some Grey coloured off the top of my head! Cheers hoggie
  68. GHNelson

    Empty fire extinguishers

    http://www.lovelydrinks.co.uk/ http://www.bradleysjuice.co.uk/ http://www.locallife.co.uk/somerset/soft-drink-suppliers.asp
  69. GHNelson

    Empty fire extinguishers

    Hi Recently there have been a upsurge in Micro Breweries! Some may use Co2 for beer use in your area...... or try find a Soft Drinks maker they use Co2! hoggie
  70. GHNelson

    Experiences cleaning inline diffusers?

    Any Thick household bleach will do similar to Domestos....plain not scented! Mix with 50% water.....leave overnight. Washout with dechlorinated water.
  71. GHNelson

    Sodastream co2 bottle stability

    Great idea! Love it:thumbup:
  72. GHNelson

    Would this work?

    Never had a sump, but I don't think you will have a problem dosing the Co2!
  73. GHNelson

    Would this work?

    Hi A 6mm Non-return valve will stop any back flow of water into the Co2 line!
  74. GHNelson

    D-D Aquarium Solutions CO2 Kit - advice please

    Hi Look for Co2 adapters in search facility! Carbon Dioxide is Carbon Dioxide l'm sure! The above cylinder is okay to use....there are adapters available! Cheers hoggie
  75. GHNelson

    Help needed for Co2 Profile

    Hi Have you read the below article from Clive! https://www.ukaps.org/index.php?page=co2-measurement-using-a-drop-checker 6.8 is good! Your going in the right direction, Co2 needs small adjustments if your not familiar with this side of the hobby!
  76. GHNelson

    Up Inline diffusser - large bubbles issue

    Where is the Up inline attached? I recon...this regulator is about 1.50 bar working pressure! Being a new Up atomiser it may run for a period then get clogged up...have you tried cleaning it? I used to run mine at 2.15 bar on the JBL regulator that was just enough to produce the micro bubbles!
  77. GHNelson

    Un-regulatable regulator.

    Post a link to the set-up you purchased!
  78. GHNelson

    Help needed for Co2 Profile

    Hi I would try and get the Ph down to a least 6.8 before lighting comes on! Up the bubble rate for the 2.5 hours before lights come on....you need to be vigilant if you have fish or critters in the aquarium! A couple of Co2 drop checkers would be a asset.....distributed at different ends of the...
  79. GHNelson

    Un-regulatable regulator.

    Hi I would switch diffusers.....see what happens! hoggie
  80. GHNelson

    Co2 lighting

    Hi Co2 injection should be running 2 hours before any lighting is turned on! hoggie
  81. GHNelson

    Un-regulatable regulator.

    Hi I think the Bazooka diffuser needs about 3 bar to run....I maybe wrong though!
  82. GHNelson

    Help needed for Co2 Profile

    Hi Co2 injection should be started approximately 2 hours before lights come on!
  83. GHNelson

    In Tank Atomizers & External Filters

    Hi Although its been stated that Co2 can affect O ring and seal integrity....I don't think there has been any reported on this forum! Many aquaplanters use the Up Atomiser on the outlet side.....this method keeps the atomiser cleaner for that reason! As Fiske has stated....:thumbup: If you use...
  84. GHNelson

    CO2 Refills...

    http://www.adamsgas.co.uk/product-category/co2-gas-bottles-for-hydroponics-and-plant-growth/ hoggie
  85. GHNelson

    JBL U201 CO2 Set

    ;) No problem!
  86. GHNelson

    JBL U201 CO2 Set

    Hi Simon This is the adapter you will need...;) https://www.co2art.co.uk/collections/co2-adapters/products/adapter-for-disposable-co2-cylinder-with-m10x1-thread-to-use-with-standard-aquarium-co2-regulators hoggie
  87. GHNelson

    JBL U201 CO2 Set

    Hi Matt....look below! http://www.swallowaquatics.co.uk/aquarium/planted-aquarium/co2-units-and-spares/jbl-proflora-u201.html http://www.theaquaticshut.com/plants/co2-spares-refills/jbl-proflora-adapt-u201-u500-adapter-for-pressure-reducer.html...
  88. GHNelson

    Most popular Co2 cylinder type and size?

    Hi Robbie You could go down the JBL or Soda stream route but they would be more expensive! hoggie
  89. GHNelson

    Most popular Co2 cylinder type and size?

    Hi Usually 1 or 2 kg fire extinguisher...look on ebay! hoggie
  90. GHNelson

    Co2art Premium Complete Aquarium CO2 System questions.

    T That is what the manafacture instructs/recommendes!
  91. GHNelson

    Co2art Premium Complete Aquarium CO2 System questions.

    Hi You can use on either...but there maybe a build of Co2 in the filter if attached to the inflow tubing! Cheers hoggie
  92. GHNelson

    Co2art Premium Complete Aquarium CO2 System questions.

    Hi All you would need is a timer to engage the open and closed position of the solenoid.....which is attached to the Co2 Regulator! The UP atomiser should be connected to the out flow side of the filter tubing...the UP atomiser produces tiny Micro bubbles which some users dislike! These didnt...
  93. GHNelson

    Setting up co2

    Hi If you have a External filter I would go with a in-line diffuser like a UP atomiser! If your installing a internal diffuser there is a whole selection available to choice from...glass/plastic/stainless steel.....its more of a personal choice! Most do a decent job....but need cleaned regularly...
  94. GHNelson

    Can I keep using this?

    Hi Indeed....regarding live stock and Co2 injection! If you do increase bubble rate it has to be done slowly over several days! If your going to add more fish...be careful as they usually come from a well aerated tank environment in the local fish store! More filtration is better than...