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  1. GHNelson

    Fish IDs!

    Hi Team Can anyone identify these two fish below! hoggie
  2. GHNelson

    Fish delivery disasters

    Hi Alec The seller has pocketed your £20....and used a cheaper 2nd Class service. That's not the fault of Royal Mail...there are terms and conditions for sending items...fish being prohibited. I've sent hundreds of packages through Royal Mail and never been let down on any delivery...
  3. GHNelson

    Fish delivery disasters

    Depends when the Post Office received the parcel? Or which day it was collected from the seller? Royal Mail start their delivery's after 9am as the Postmen only do once over the ground now! Those changes happened a number of years ago....the 4pm time line might be temporary due to the large...
  4. GHNelson

    Has anyone ever seen a female Scarlet Badis?

  5. GHNelson

    Cardinal Tetras Picky Eaters

    Have you tried not feeding them for a few days!
  6. GHNelson

    Melafix kills pencil fish

    This article below is an interesting read! https://www.fish-as-pets.com/2008/12/melafix-dangers-labyrinth-fish.html
  7. GHNelson

    Melafix kills pencil fish

    Sorry to hear that....seems if you have softish water there could be a reaction that causes problems with Pencil Fish! hoggie
  8. GHNelson

    Melafix kills pencil fish

    Removal of the Pencil Fish to another tank that hasn't been dosed with Melafix would be a better option!
  9. GHNelson

    Melafix kills pencil fish

    Hi You could try kitchen towels to remove the oil on the surface..... and charcoal in the filter! Add extra aeration on the surface or with a air stone/air-pump.
  10. GHNelson

    Corydora Red Blotch Disease

    This Cory looks bloated....could be the onset of Dropsy/Pinecone Disease!!!! I fear the worst! hoggie
  11. GHNelson

    Cory Sterbai odd colour and behaviour

    Hi Really doesn't look like a Sterbai even with a colour change! Looks more like Delphax hoggie
  12. GHNelson

    What type of Corydora is this?

    Looks like C. undulatus.
  13. GHNelson

    Breeding Boraras questions

    I wouldn't add fish to pure distilled water, it needs to be remineralized with some tap water! Distilled water is void of any oxygen/minerals. Can you not use rainwater?
  14. GHNelson

    Breeding Boraras questions

    Hi Have a look at Marks breeding tips he uses rainwater! hoggie
  15. GHNelson

    Honey Gourami and Red Honey Gourami

    Ideal Number to Keep – Though not gregarious in the sense of schooling fishes it does seem to require interaction with conspecifics and displays more interesting behaviour when maintained in numbers, meaning the purchase of no less than 4-6 specimens is recommended. Groups develop noticeable...
  16. GHNelson

    Honey Gourami and Red Honey Gourami

    That's a male according to Tropco! Females stay a Grey/Brown. https://www.tropco.co.uk/-p-1985.html?carpid=gvjdud79l2idu84lid2bsiegr0 hoggie
  17. GHNelson

    Green tiger barbs in planted tank

    Hi I have a number of years ago they are not as boisterous when in larger groups, they tend to bicker every now and again with each other! I kept them with Tiger Barbs and found these could be a bit more boisterous! You shouldn't have any problem with larger numbers in your planted tank! hoggie
  18. GHNelson

    Ember Tetra Schooling - comparisons between 5, 10, 15, and 20 fish

    Its the old saying "Safety in Numbers" ;)
  19. GHNelson

    Hypoxic fish but only after the waterchange?

    http://www.fishyportal.com/cgi-bin/pub/diag?c=v&id=55 Hi Try doing two separate 25% water changes when the lights are on! You can monitor the fish then.
  20. GHNelson

    Hypoxic fish but only after the waterchange?

    Hi There are a few theories on fish reacting badly to large water changes! The new fish purchased from the local fish store may not be acclimatised to their new environment yet. There is a lot of compressed Co2 in tap water which could increase the dissolved Co2 in the aquarium to an...
  21. GHNelson

    Guppy’s keep dying (help with diagnosis)

    Hi Not a fan of "Prime".....smells a bit like rotten eggs! hoggie
  22. GHNelson


    Hi Yes probably mini leaches as I call them....I've had them before, best ditching the 'substrate' and starting again! What substrate do you have? hoggie
  23. GHNelson

    Serpae tetras being nippy

    Hemel Hempstead...:lol: Concrete extra hard...... London Style! I've also had about 8/10 Tiger/Green barbs in a 4 foot aquarium.....absolutely stunning fish! They never fin nipped anything...space and hiding places could be the answer...maybe! hoggie
  24. GHNelson

    Serpae tetras being nippy

    Serpae Tetra...nice fish! But very aggressive towards each other at times.... and other inhabitants! I've housed them in a 4 foot aquarium in a heavily planted tank and the fin nipping behaviour wasn't as bad! Actually had some offspring.....Hemel Tap Water!....;):):thumbup: hoggie
  25. GHNelson

    ember fry , what an awesome discovery

    :):thumbup: Well done!
  26. GHNelson

    Fish shocked/dying after water change!

    Temperature was similar....so could be a excess of chlorine and chloramine or heavy metals! Try adding more water conditioner! hoggie
  27. GHNelson

    Random cory death... thoughts?

    Tail (Caudal) fin and Anal fin look a tad ragged.....could be a bacteria disease!
  28. GHNelson

    Cory breeding!

    I don't think you can distinguish between the Male and Female gender at the juvenile stage! I could be wrong though.....Tetras will eat eggs and young fry if given the opportunity! If you have a very heavily planted tank, the offspring may have a higher percentage to surviving to adulthood...
  29. GHNelson

    Cory breeding!

    Sand is not a necessity...Corys will breed in most tanks with different substrates! The Female and Male must get into the T position or the eggs will not be fertilized!
  30. GHNelson

    Cory breeding!

    Lost my last female Sterbai a couple of days ago, she was a old lady 18 years old:(:grumpy:.
  31. GHNelson

    Cory breeding!

    Hi Costa I have noticed that if you lower the water level to say a 10 to 12 inch depth for a period, then add the fresh this may be one of the breeding triggers! hoggie
  32. GHNelson

    Cory breeding!

    Hi I've found that Corys tend to go into breeding mode after large water changes....could be induced by the slight temperature difference and the fresh/clean water! hoggie
  33. GHNelson

    What eggs are these?

    Yes Looks like fish eggs!......:nurse::thumbup:.
  34. GHNelson

    Keeping Cardinals

    Indeed....you don't need to adjust your tap water. Cardinals with do well in hard water......if your interested in breeding them you will have to alter the water chemistry, to suit their breeding requirements! Incidentally I have had a few Tetra fry " not Cardinals/Neon's" appear occasionally in...
  35. GHNelson

    Blue Galaxy Rasbora?

    Love him/her....:thumbup:
  36. GHNelson

    Three stripe Cory catfish lost tail

    Best move the little guy/gal to another tank....if you have one! Nice clean water and add some Pimafix. Even if its not fin rot, this procedure will help keep the wounds clean from secondary infection! http://www.apifishcare.com/product.php?id=630#.WUeHMYWcHSc hoggie
  37. GHNelson

    Three stripe Cory catfish lost tail

    Dwarf Gourami's....is my guess! They can be fin nippers. http://www.seriouslyfish.com/species/Trichogaster-lalius hoggie
  38. GHNelson

    Cory Red Blotch Disease

    Hi Could be a internal heater burn....if you have one without a plastic cover! hoggie
  39. GHNelson


    :lol::lol::lol: very good! looks like a Climbing Perch to me....and I'm no expert...........:rolleyes::oops::oops::oops::geek:
  40. GHNelson

    Upside down Guppy

    Hi Poor environmental conditions can kick start internal bacterial infections.....regular water changes and light substrate cleaning will improve the inhabitants wellbeing always! Dropsy/Pine Cone disease/Bloat......is nearly always attributed to poor water conditions and poor diet! hoggie
  41. GHNelson

    How to treat gourami?

    Hi I would move the fish to the other aquarium to stop more fin nipping and stress! Gourami's just hate being stressed...they can be difficult to keep healthy the best of times! hoggie
  42. GHNelson

    Is my Rummynose Tetra ill?

  43. GHNelson

    Is my Rummynose Tetra ill?

    Hi I don't think there is much hope for this little fellow when they get into this condition! hoggie
  44. GHNelson

    Corydoras hastatus (Dwarf Cory) breeding

    Hi Didn't know that thanks for the information. The ones l had took about a year although l wasn't tring to induce breeding...as you say females will take a tad longer to mature! Cheers hoggie
  45. GHNelson

    Corydoras hastatus (Dwarf Cory) breeding

    I'm not sure but....... I think it's a tad early for spawning ! Give them a year to mature...then do regular large water changes. ....with water a couple of degrees lower in temperature ! This usually encourages spawning. ....feed them a good variety of food....frozen/pellets/live worms! Cheers...
  46. GHNelson

    Corydoras hastatus (Dwarf Cory) breeding

    :thumbup::clap::nurse: babies:lol::happy: hoggie
  47. GHNelson

    Ember Tetras not doing well

    Hi Manu First Ember.....could be Neon Tetra disease.:( Or Columnaris! Second Ember tetra has White spot (Ich):( Plus seems to have a early stage bacteria infection....coming under the term dropsy. Symptoms Swimming in a uncoordinated manner Breathing difficulty. Observations Bulging eyes...
  48. GHNelson

    Please ID this corydoras

  49. GHNelson

    Guppies in CO2 tank

    Hi Guppy's have high aeration in fish store tanks as all fish bought from the local fish store! There's the clue....try adding some aeration for a day or two to get them acclimatised to a Co2 tank as Jordi stated! hoggie
  50. GHNelson

    Flourish Excel & Amano shrimps

    Im not a expert on shrimp...but I would dose the recommended amount! Try and fix the route cause of the problem! hoggie
  51. GHNelson

    I think I did something really stupid....

    Hi It would be a good idea if the avatar had the members location.....as this gives a better indication of the circumstances that they may encounter within their area/region/country. hoggie
  52. GHNelson

    I think I did something really stupid....

    Mixing from a combination boiler is okay as the water is drawn straight from the mains pipe.......and heated almost emmediately! Still add water dechlorinator though! hoggie
  53. GHNelson

    Herbivorous odessa (sigh)

    Oddesa bards lovely fish....tried feeding them little less food and more often. l have had this species. ..always hungry!
  54. GHNelson

    DSICUS WONT EAT. getting skinny.. i need help!!!

    Used to use them as a boy when fishing and the Goldfish loved them! http://yorkshire-worms.co.uk/product/tiger-worms/ hoggie
  55. GHNelson

    DSICUS WONT EAT. getting skinny.. i need help!!!

    Don't think so! These are usually found in compost heaps also know as Tiger worms....if the fish has a big enough mouth Im sure it will eat them! hoggie
  56. GHNelson

    DSICUS WONT EAT. getting skinny.. i need help!!!

    Go to the fishing tackle store and ask for some Brandling worms...these are thinner and smaller than earth worms!
  57. GHNelson

    My harlequin Rasboras keep jumping out of tank?

    Try some floating plants.....this may help! Cheers
  58. GHNelson

    Which fish readily breed successfully in planted tanks?

    Odessa barbs....are fairly easy to breed! lovely little fish...when in the breeding mode! hoggie
  59. GHNelson

    Clown loach deaths ?

    Hi Ian That rules out the overdosing of chemicals. hoggie
  60. GHNelson

    Clown loach deaths ?

    Strange they meet their demise after a water change...this could be the clue. My municipal water company have a habit of overdosing chemicals...you can actually smell the product they use.....smells like Chlorine. That maybe your answer. hoggie
  61. GHNelson

    over priced fish...

    :woot: You want to live down here mate :woot: 1 Lazer Cory..............£22.50 :woot: 1 Galaxy Rasboro......£2.75...£3.75 o_O 1 Cardinal Tetra.........£2.50..£2.75 hoggie
  62. GHNelson

    Growing your own live feed!

    No problem;)
  63. GHNelson

    Growing your own live feed!

    Hi Danny I may have some of you later in the year. hoggie
  64. GHNelson

    ID what's wrong with this fish

    Looks like a burn mark!
  65. GHNelson

    Silver Tip dropped dead after w/c

    Strange as it seems there is a lot of Co2 in tap water.....could be a combination of too large a water change causing stress and Co2 in the tap water. hoggie
  66. GHNelson

    Silver Tip dropped dead after w/c

    Hi Bertie Does the other fish look okay? Are you dosing Co2? hoggie
  67. GHNelson

    Fish dying since starting EI...Coincidence?

    You could reduce the amount and feed them more frequently. hoggie
  68. GHNelson

    Fish dying since starting EI...Coincidence?

    Nice.....Tiger barbs are ferocious eater so i tend to give them something to eat every couple of hours.....when im at home. This helps to curb aggression a tad if you have a rogue barb. hoggie
  69. GHNelson

    Fish dying since starting EI...Coincidence?

    Wouldn't have thought so. How many Tigers have you got? hoggie
  70. GHNelson

    Fish dying since starting EI...Coincidence?

    Its a bit of a mystery...Bertie. I live in Hemel Hempstead. I experienced this fish behavior after a large water change a few years back. I wasn't dosing fertilizers at the time. I had large Tiger barbs at the time and a few started losing swim bladder control...spinning/jerking...as you...
  71. GHNelson

    Fish dying since starting EI...Coincidence?

    How long have you had the fish? What size are they? Did you have fish deaths? hoggie
  72. GHNelson

    Fish dying since starting EI...Coincidence?

    Hi Bertie I would recommend you change 25% water twice a week. hoggie
  73. GHNelson

    Are they supposed to be this big?

    Hi If the scales are protruding sometimes called a pine-coning effect your fish has dropsy. hoggie
  74. GHNelson

    Best Schooling Fish

    Cheers Bud. :thumbup: Going Golfin later so no rush. hoggie
  75. GHNelson

    Best Schooling Fish

    Nat any chance of a picture of Danio Tinwini's ....may try and get some of these. hoggie
  76. GHNelson

    How and what to feed celestial pearl danios

    Hi You could try some fish baby food. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/INTERPET-1-2- ... 3a69918d95. I have used no 3 as well as small flake food. hoggie
  77. GHNelson

    Strange Spots on Cichlid - Diagnostic help needed

    Hi Above the left eye there is a mark/spot/lump. hoggie
  78. GHNelson

    Celestial pearl danio

    :eh: You jammy git :thumbup: :roll: Come on tell us.
  79. GHNelson

    Celestial pearl danio

    Hi Price is coming down now bought some for £2.95 recently. hoggie
  80. GHNelson

    Scaredy Cat Fish

    Hi Don't feed them for a day...then every time you pass the aquarium add a smidgen of food this may help to get them out from hiding and familiar with your presence. Before you do maintenance feed the fish and also do that after water changes and maintenance's....this should help ease their...
  81. GHNelson

    Gassed Neons?

    Sorry to hear that Kris Cant be the lack of Oxygen then...... or could it be too much Co2. hoggie
  82. GHNelson

    Gassed Neons?

    Hi Your neon's haven't acclimatised to the lower Oxygen levels in your tank. I would do another water change ...asap. I don't think its your Co2 set up going haywire. Neon's are very sensitive to higher Oxygen to lower Oxygen transfers usually when Co2 is being utilised/used. Remember if you...
  83. GHNelson

    Fish Not Eating - Advice Appreciated

    Hi Mark This is what I would do...... turn off your filter remove the fish into another Tub/tank....make sure its clean I would wash with bleach first and rinse thoroughly.Use a sponge filter to achieve some aeration and a heater. Clean your filter in dechlorinated tap water. Gravel clean the...
  84. GHNelson

    Cardinals with EI + hard water

    Hi Madlan I live in Hemel. Ive had cardinals for years......there's in no problem with hard water as Ceg said clean water is the priority and that's correct. Soft water is probably needed for breeding purposes only. Just make sure the water is approx the same temperature as the aquarium water...
  85. GHNelson

    Breeding Trigonostigma hengeli

    Hi Ive used external filter media balls instead of marbles when i bred Odessa barbs....worked a treat. hoggie
  86. GHNelson

    oto fry

    Hi :thumbup: That's the beauty of having a planted aquarium....you never know whats lurking in the hidden depths. Anyway that's a nice find and very rare...... well done. Its great when egg laying fish survive in a community set-up..... its all the more satisfying that the fry have lived long...
  87. GHNelson

    Hi and some questions

    Hi Angela Welcome to the ukaps gang. If you had access to a relatives or friends aquarium you could use half of their filter media to kick start your aquarium. Regards hoggie