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  1. Courtneybst

    Journal Salty Fingers

    Well, it was inevitable... The thing I wanted to do since I got into fishkeeping was have a saltwater tank. Despite taking 12 years, I'm glad it's happening now rather than back then. Since then I've gained a wealth of knowledge, appreciation for aesthetics and most importantly...more disposable...
  2. Courtneybst

    Best way to block out T5 bulbs?

    Hey everyone, I'm currently running 2 x 54w T5 bulbs over my 120cm (350L) scape because although 4 bulbs gave me great results, it also gave me algae. Because of the way the light unit is built, I can only have 2 bulbs or 4. However, using two bulbs means that the light unit sits in the centre...
  3. Courtneybst

    pH drop meeting resistance...

    Hey everyone, So after installing an Intaqo controller on my tank, it's provided me with some interesting data that I would have been none the wiser to. My CO2 comes on 3 hours before the lights to try and achieve a 1 pH drop (or as close to). However, I've noticed that as the days progress...
  4. Courtneybst

    Storing extra substrate?

    Hey guys, I have some Tropica Soil that is unused but cycled in a bucket (around 14L) as I grossly overestimated how much I'd need for a rescape. Since it's already wet I'm thinking it would come in handy when I upgrade my wildlife pond in the spring as it used a fair bit of soil. This summer...
  5. Courtneybst

    'Cozen' - Journey to IAPLC '22

    I simply couldn't bare it anymore. I'm currently working on my (first) IAPLC entry and it just felt totally wrong not sharing it with my UKAPS family. It's like having some kind of secret affair! I'm aware that there's some stuff I can't show you but I'll share what I can. Also I'm a total...
  6. Courtneybst

    Buce Box (How to easily propagate Bucephalandra and other emersed plants)

    Hey guys, after a little poke from @Wookii , I thought I'd share what I'm doing to propagate some of my emersed plants, particularly Bucephalandra. Full disclaimer; I was not the first to do this and there are many examples of people doing it online. It is also common place in large plant...
  7. Courtneybst

    Bricks in aquascape

    Hey guys, I've used some bricks in a new contest scape to elevate the hardscape and substrate. As they're engineering bricks, they have 10 big holes in the centre. I was thinking to fill the gaps with crushed lava rock as I've got tons of it. My question is do you think these holes will become...
  8. Courtneybst

    Shrimp acting weird in botanical setup

    I'm wondering if anyone can help me? Yesterday I rescaped my planted nano and turned it into a botanical style. Only epiphytes and leaf litter. This morning I've noticed some strange behaviour from my shrimp. I found loads of them desperately clinging to a piece of floating plant I added, as...
  9. Courtneybst

    Red stem plants that don't require nitrate limitation?

    Hopefully you guys can help me. I'm looking for a stem plant that will be red without nitrate limitation e.g. Ludwigia Super Red. However, the leaf size of ludwigia is too large (it's for a diorama contest tank), so I'm looking for something similar to Rotala if such a thing exists. Any...
  10. Courtneybst

    Glass Catfish Experience

    Hey everyone, I'm interested to know if anyone has experience keeping glass catfish, particularly Kryptopterus Minor. I see a lot of basic care information online but very little personal experiences. I especially like to hear from UKAPS members, and that's normally what I search for first...
  11. Courtneybst

    Can't figure out the IFC Calculator, need help!

    Hey everyone, I've had a few attempts to use the IFC calculator to make some DIY fertiliser and I can't work it out! I currently use Aquarium Plant Food UK salts to make their standard EI. However, I want to try and recreate a leaner fertiliser similar to APT Complete and use more root tabs...
  12. Courtneybst

    Red Tiger Lotus training

    Hey everyone, I think I know the answer to this but I'm not 100% sure. I've got some Red Tiger Lotus that are doing really well, the only thing is the leaves are getting huge, like 1ft wide kind of huge...I was hoping to have smaller leaves on shorter stems, so if I keep trimming it will the...
  13. Courtneybst

    The Edible Scape

    Over the past weeks and months I've felt a surge in inspiration, creativity and a desire to put my hands to everything. I have plenty of future projects I'd like to do but after speaking with a friend I suddenly realised there was one on the list that really should be happening now, there's no...
  14. Courtneybst

    Detritus Worms or Planaria?

    Hey guys, I've recently spotted some bugs in my shrimp tank most of which are harmless. However, this worm-like one I'm not sure of. I've whittled down that it could be detritus worms or planaria. They're so tiny so they look the same to me. Any help appreciated.
  15. Courtneybst

    Great British Scapers!

    Hey everyone! After a very inspired chat with a fellow US-based aquascaper, I've decided to organise a competitive scape group for UK enthusiasts. The USA have 'The Aquascapers Collective' and I thought, I don't think we have anything similar? (Correct me if I'm wrong). The premise of the...
  16. Courtneybst


    The cat is out of the bag! So I'm setting up another scape, this time a nano. I was planning to do this at a leisurely pace but when I realised I needed to rescue some cherry shrimp from my main tank I hit fast forward. And c'mon, does anyone really need an excuse to set up another scape...
  17. Courtneybst

    CO2 Running Out?

    Hi guys, would this be the right time to change the CO2 bottle? Or can it go lower? Also I'm wondering if I have a leak of some kind. This 2kg bottle was only temporary until I got my 5kg bottle but it's only lasted 23 days on a 350L 3-4 bps. Is that about right? I thought it'd last at least 6...
  18. Courtneybst

    Cleaning Water Change Hoses

    Hey guys, I have some hose that I use for water changes that's around 20ft/6m long and I've noticed it's getting progressively more dirty, specifically with black mould. I have a suspicion that some of this mould has actually transferred to the aquarium (but that's another issue). The longest...
  19. Courtneybst

    45cm Stands/Cabinets - Non Existent?

    Hey guys, I was wondering why despite the popularity of 45cm aquariums you can't seem to find stands/cabinets for them? If they do exist where are they? [emoji23]
  20. Courtneybst

    Ludwigia Super Red Mini Height

    Hey guys, I have some Ludwigia Super Red Mini in my scape and was wondering what other people's experiences were with its maximum height? Mine seems to be red at the top but doesn't appear to be getting much taller. It's about 15cm atm. I've seen online anywhere from 10cm, 15cm, 20cm, 30cm...
  21. Courtneybst

    Aquario Neo CO2 Diffuser Special

    Hey everyone, I was wondering if anyone knows where to get the special version of this diffuser? It's an updated design with hardly any u-bend in the acrylic and a wider ceramic disc. I've looked online but all the UK sellers seem to be selling the old model. Anyone got one or know where to get...
  22. Courtneybst

    Buce Moss?

    Hey guys, I'm just coming across this plant for the first time and there doesn't seem to be much information on it. The main things seems to be that it's called 'Buce Moss' because it's often found growing on/around Bucephalandra. Apparently under high lighting and CO2 it grows quite fast...
  23. Courtneybst

    Tropica App advice

    Hey guys, I have the Tropica app on my phone, not really using it but I thought it would be interesting to see when they suggest to start doing certain things. I know it wouldn't be possible to fully follow this anyway as my setup is non CO2 and the guide is based on a CO2 enriched setup...
  24. Courtneybst

    Pico Pond (and all things emersed!)

    Hey guys! Whilst my new scape is settling in I'm attempting a completely experimental project. I'm making a tiny 'pond' indoors. I'm not heavily investing in it in terms of equipment, I just want to see what happens and maybe if I'd be interested in doing a proper setup with a shallow boy...
  25. Courtneybst

    Plant ID - Thinking Rotala?

    Hi guys, Does anyone know what this plant could be? I ordered it from a seller a while back and it turned up in absolutely crap condition. I bought 'Ludwigia Palustris Red' and the original leaves (assuming emersed) were rounded but now new the leaves are long and thin. I've grown Ludwigia...
  26. Courtneybst

    Providing 'just enough' CO2

    Hey guys, I've been thinking a lot recently about getting a pressurised CO2 system and was wondering if it's possible to provide just enough CO2 so the plants are healthy and not melting back? My thought process is that I want the plants to be healthy but I don't want to constantly trimming...
  27. Courtneybst

    Increasing Outflow Hose Diameter

    Hi guys, I have a conundrum. I bought some stainless steel lily pipes for my Eheim 2213 which uses 12mm tubing and it works great. So I decided to get a set for my Eheim 2217. Problem is the 2217 uses a 12mm outflow but 16mm intake. I bought the 16mm lily pipes because supposedly you can cause...
  28. Courtneybst

    Microsorum Trident and Narrow

    Hey guys, I'm thinking about using a lot of trident and narrow in a rescape but before I do, I wanted to know what the likelihood of success could be? I'm not expecting miracles but I've got hard water and low energy. Could it work out or am I just burning money? Expert at nothing, dab hand...
  29. Courtneybst

    Steel Lily Pipes Advice

    Does anyone have any experience with Blau steel lily pipes sold on Aquarium Gardens? https://is.gd/oeH19K I wanted to get some but I can't see what grade they are. Apparently 316 grade is best and will last longest, whereas 304 will corrode more quickly. I've never used them so I don't know...
  30. Courtneybst

    Tidy Jungle II

    Hi Everyone! It's been a long time since I've been on UKAPS actively but for obvious reasons (and an injury) I've had a lot more time to devote to my aquarium. Some of you might remember my first journal 75 Gallon Tidy Jungle which was a low energy, densely planted setup. It was really...
  31. Courtneybst

    London Rainbowfish Breeders?

    Hey! Does anyone know of any rainbowfish breeders in and around London? The shops I've been to all sell the same varieties (Red, Lake Kutubu, Boesmani, Splendida etc) but I'm looking for something different, as there's many more species available. Thanks, Courtney How much wood could a...
  32. Courtneybst

    Nymphoides Hydrophylla 'Taiwan' stunted?

    Hello, I have this plant in my scape and it used to grow right to the top of the tank (2ft). Now it stops at around 10 inches. I did one big trim a few months ago because it was so large. Apparently these plants can be trained to stay small by regular pruning. Does that mean it's now...
  33. Courtneybst

    Journal Impulsive Kusa (Picture Heavy)

    I couldn't setup an ADA shrimp tank like I wanted...so I decided to jump on the wabi kusa bandwagon. It's not a typical wabi kusa grown on a clay ball, it's just substrate - inspired by Jurijs Mit JS (great guy btw). I just used regular quality compost, dragon stone and the following plants...
  34. Courtneybst

    Rainbowfish Identification

    Hey guys, Does anyone know the species of the angelfish in this video? It was sold to me as Melanotaenia Splendida Splendida but it doesn't look like one to me. From the photos online it looks most like trifasciata or aru II. Thanks for your help in advance.
  35. Courtneybst

    Male or Female Bosemani?

    Can anyone tell me if this is a male or female Bosemani? I have one definite male and one definite female but this one is in the middle. It's about 3 inches long. Shaped like a female but with male-ish colouration. The LFS said it is female. It's hard to get a clear photo as they are always...
  36. Courtneybst

    High Light or not - Help!

    I'm trying to figure out if my lightning is considered high or not. I've got 4 x 54w T5 tubes over 350 litres. It's probably 300 litres with all the displacement. Lights are roughly 60cm from the substrate at the lowest point. Is this considered high lightning?
  37. Courtneybst

    Tidy Jungle

    Hey guys, this is the start of my continous journal of my new aquarium. I'm upgrading from a Fluval Roma 200 which is 44 UK gallon/52 US gallon tank to a Juwel Rio 300 which is 76 UK gallon/92 US gallon. Latest Tank Shot Like my other tank this will be a planted tank. I was previously...